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Bulletin: Security and Tech Deck

No Caption Provided Jumping right in about the latest and greatest happenings on the internets, there was a massive outage of Gmail which affected up to 35 million users. Another outage that occurred affected up to 10 percent of its global user base, meaning no email for them. Next up we ask the age old question: “Is switching to a different OS a security fix?” Well according to PC World they have some serious doubts, saying “ The reality is that Linux is not more secure. It is simply less targeted.” For example, as you can see based on this chart, the number of Apple rigs effected by various Malware attacks since last year.

Speaking of security issues, according to Zdnet there is a fake Instagram app on Android that is actually malware and VentureBeat has a story about a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights recommended by the US government and the European Union. Companies may be required to get consent from their readers before storing advertising cookies. In other news there are a few new protests targeting the US cyber intelligence legislation. Civil liberties groups started their protests against US cyber intelligence laws that would let police and other officials check out people's private online information.

Shifting into entertainment, Xbox Live is proud of their apps line-up and depending on your region you can unlock HBO GO, iHeartRadio,, Syfy, TODAY, UFC, VEVO, and much more. Microsoft isn’t the only one getting frisky with entertainment, MGM has hooked up with Youtube and Google Play to provide a rental program with 600 titles. Lastly, IKEA plans to sell electronics to expand your furnishing needs.


No Caption Provided Better late than never, Skyrim’s Arrow to the knee meme appeared in a recent episode of NCIS. But, I bet you’re wondering why that meme won’t go away, after all it's used to the point of nausea by everyone (even by those who've never picked up the darn game). Well, gives us nine reasons why people still play Skyrim which helps one to better understand this phenomena, but if you already knew these things here's a funny video of the "original" arrow to the knee adventurer. And speaking of old trends, Bitmob has an article about the demise of local arcades, saying "Global communications and the internet, while invaluable assets, have afforded people the opportunity to isolate themselves from tangible communities".

Enough about the old, let's talk about some new things! PlayStation Vita has 3 free apps, but maybe you don’t have a Vita, you have a mobile phone! Bozanimal tells us why it’s okay to play mobile games In his words: “Mobile gaming is hot right now; hotter than platform or PC gaming, in terms of hype. Every developer and mom-and-pop is vying for a multi-million dollar success story like Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride, or Temple Run. The majority of these games are simple, quick to learn, and as easy to put down as they are to pick up.” Now, get out there and try some of the games he mentioned to find out why.

Making Mischief

No Caption Provided - Christopher Walken rings the Skryim-bell
- Zelda: The Musical video
- RUMOR: Apple console in the works
- Name that game character booty
- Everyone's a winner (Mario)
- MadMen X-Men Mashup Art

The Creative

No Caption Provided Time to check out the creative findings on the internets. First we take a look at how to make your own Tron Light Cycle, then we danced in amusement about this Star Wars LEGO Diorama that plays theme music. But, getting down to the why so serious, there's an interesting idea of defending the “meme” as a work of art . By some definitions they do fall under the umbrella of art, whereas others might disagree. Next up are a pair of caring parents who built this Minecraft case mod for their kid and a Gourmet gamer has cooked up some Minecraft mushroom shaped stew. Speaking of computers, if you have room for a cute paper craft you should consider checking out this cut out of Gomez from Fez to add to your paper craft collection. And if you're have having a hard time solving some of those tricky puzzles some researchers claim that a bit of beer can help.

Socially Weird, Terrific or Frightening (WTF)

No Caption Provided Have you ever found yourself standing in an elevator thinking to yourself “Man I really wish this wall had a flavor” well good news! At the Engine offices in London they’ve installed an elevator called the “Lick-able Lift” which takes people to their 16th floor and while they wait they’re invited to take a lick at the wall. While we are on the subject of senses, who doesn’t love the scent of a newly purchased tech toy. Air Aroma has decided to to create a new fragrance called “De Facto Standard” that smells like printed ink on cardboard, paper and plastic inside cardboard, and a certain apple product. Finally for those of you who like to spend your time getting spooked by various things that go bump in the night. On the Level Gaming shared this game created by BlitzMax called SCP-Containment Breach, a new free to play survival horror game. And finally, your awesome dose for the day, enjoy this amazing video game rock medley!

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