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This week on the social share it looks like there's a lot to be said about Microsoft and the X360.


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No Caption Provided Some of the biggest news that came out on the social universe is the copycat of Pinterest, well, that’s what people were saying until they figured out otherwise. Facebook "Pinview" is a Facebook app that reformats your account into a pinboard format. Moving on to social console-quences, System Wars posters might find this news interesting. Reports say Nvidia smartphone graphics are set to out beat Xbox 360 by 2014. Speaking of console wars bragging rights, Microsoft’s record revenue reports also appear to be slipping, according to "Microsoft also took a hit in its Xbox division, with revenues dropping 16%, which Microsoft blames on a soft game console market." If that wasn't bad enough news for the little lemmings out there, according to a recent article from, Motorola Mobility recently won a ruling on Microsoft Xbox 360 patents. But there is hope, with free-mium games being the super trend that they are, the Xbox 360 might be the next platform for these fun freebies.


No Caption Provided This week in Game-ology we take a look at some ancient code, ancient graphics, and old republics.
First up shared a report on "The Geeks Who Saved Prince of Persia’s Source Code From Digital Death". Apparently Jordan Mechner saved everything, and we mean EVERYTHING to read where they found this ancient history read on here. While we're on the subject of digging up ancient history… the "Game Archaeologist" asked a thought provoking question, "Are graphical updates worth the hassle?" Speaking of games that get cosmetic changes, we’ll talk about the stylized glory of Star Wars the Old Republic and how their subscriptions are not dropping despite lighter server loads. In an article on we read that "Bioware lead writer Daniel Erickson said the game's subscription numbers are not dropping despite the somewhat emptier servers". While industry watchers speculated the loss of subscriptions, I find their lack of faith disturbing.

Why so Serious

No Caption Provided Now for something a little different, and somewhat serious news. Google’s "vulnerability program" ups the payout for discovered weaknesses from $3,000 to a maximum of $20,000. Alright, that wasn't too serious, but here's something that might freak you out a bit, if your car has a Black Box it is likely "spying" on you according to Forbes. Next, there is a lot of debate about copyright infringers and whether or not they are "pirates" or "thieves" , and here is an insightful article on the subject. Speaking of copyright debates, recent changes to copy protection can mean that those of you who have DirecTV might need new gear to watch shows on HBO. In the world of patents, explains that Samsung is targeting Apple in the US with eight more patents. On a related note Apple wants to go to trial to defend itself against accusations in regards to e-book price-fixing.


No Caption Provided As if you needed another way to procrastinate at work here’s a nice little twist on the classic Mario game. Mario not quite your thing? Thinking to yourself if you wanted to play the original Mario that you’d just do it? Well fine! I have a few other goodies up my sleeve, first is The Secret World Social Web- Game but for those of you who aren’t a fan of Facebook here is the Indie Game Rambo: Last Blood a cute little 8bit browser game that you can play . Why should you be playing all these games? Simple really, in addition to being awesome, studies show that computer games helps with depression. And if the games aren’t enough to put a little smile on your face you could try a slice of Legend of Grimrock - Blueberry pie thanks to the gaming gourmet.

Making Mischief

No Caption Provided Classic and rare Star Wars photos
Run Yoshi Run!
Mega64 - Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Jedi Junkies video
Ideas for a valve gaming console
Tribute (Huge Pixel Art Poster)
10 Epic Movie Gadgets You Wish Were Real

Geeky Gimmies

No Caption Provided Here’s just a little teaser to this week's’ Geeky Gimmies: Retro Edition you can see that on Synthia’s blog she’s gathered quite a long list of pixel perfect retro gaming items. Gimmies from games like Space Invaders, Mario, Pac-Man, and other awesome retro classics. For example you can see this awesome Mario amp and guitar as seen on globalgeeknews.

Feeling Crafty

No Caption Provided Gamers are some crafty people, for example we have this amazing 6’10" statue of Samus Aran made out of paper and glue. But if that’s a little out of your league you can try this nifty apple puzzle But be warned, if you lack the proper knife skills to try this at home DO NOT try this! In addition to awesome crafts here is some great Star Trek Origami on Takei’s Facebook page. And for those of you who need a little incentive before your creative juices can start flowing, there is a propaganda art contest for the upcoming Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter movie.

Socially Weird, Terrific, or Frightening

No Caption Provided First up the weird, here we see a piece on about what’s exactly in a hot dog, but be warned…. Ignorance is bliss for those of you who are Frank Furter fans. Next we have the Terrific, we’re sure some of you have seen this awesome Valve employee handbook with awesome tips about their company standards written in an extremely witty fashion, if only every work place could be so cool. And finally for the absolutely frightening, recently in China a young girl was swallowed by pavement, seriously here’s the video and the girl just vanishes under the concrete.

Bonus Item!

Fave Find and it's time for some Geekapella, Enjoy this Final Fantasy VII Chocobo Theme Song from the comedic team of Max and Sam.

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