SnowRunner Devs Explain What's New In The Open-World Trucking Game

In this exclusive video, Saber Interactive devs break down the many challenges you'll face in this open-world trucking sim.


Saber Interactive's MudRunner was all about putting you in the role of an off-road trucker tasked with delivering precious cargo across treacherous terrain. It leaned heavily into the routine of being a trucker trekking across long distances, and the upcoming sequel, SnowRunner, continues with the focus on high-stakes off-road driving. Ahead of its April 28 release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store, the developers at Saber Interactive have released a new video showing off what's new in the studio's follow-up.

In this exclusive video, Saber Interactive creative director Oliver Hollis-Leick breaks down the key gameplay pillars in the sequel to MudRunner, and how their next game expands upon the concept of an open-world delivery sim. Formerly titled MudRunner 2, SnowRunner significantly broadens the scope. In addition to more vehicles and a wider variety of settings to explore, the map size in SnowRunner is more than three times larger than its predecessor, sitting at 30 square-kilometers.

Much like its predecessor, SnowRunner is a trucking-sim that uses realistic physics and vehicle handling. While other vehicle-sims uses these mechanics on more stable roads and flat surfaces, SnowRunner will have you drive across perilous and uneven terrain, where one wrong turn or going too fast can result in a quick end to your delivery. By picking the best truck for a particular job, you'll better your chances in the open-world. With no set guide to your destination, you'll have to chart out your course and learn the terrain on your own. It's all about the balancing act of using the raw power of the truck while also showing restraint in your travels, which can be tricky when hauling precious cargo across large distances.

Starting out you'll have a modest selection of vehicles and missions available to you, but as you progress more in your trucking career, you'll gain access to more resources and new contracts that can earn you better gear and vehicles for the more challenging jobs. For gear-heads, you'll even be able to customize your favorite truck to improve the handling, traction, while also applying more attachments to it, such as winches and cranes. In addition to solo play, you'll also be able to play online with three other players to engage in contracts together.

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Set for release on April 28, SnowRunner focuses on the routine of being a deliveryman, putting it into similar categories like Euro Truck Simulator or even Death Stranding. SnowRunner's predecessor was an interesting approach to the off-road driving gameplay, and the sequel looks to follow through on that same formula in a more significant way.

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