Snowpiercer TV Show Will Add Sean Bean For Its Second Season, But Will He Survive?

The actor famous for dying a lot books a one-way ticket aboard the Snowpiercer.


Sean Bean has been cast as a series regular in Snowpiercer, TNT's upcoming television adaptation of Bong Joon-ho's much-loved 2013 film (which was itself an adaptation of the French comic La Transperceneige). Bean will be playing an unconfirmed role in the series, according to a report by Collider.

This is actually the first confirmation we've had of Snowpiercer receiving a second season--the first is yet to premiere, and is expected to begin airing in spring 2020. The first season will star Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs, and will run for 12 episodes.

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Snowpiercer is set on a multi-carriage train that travels in a loop through a world in which another ice age has set in. In the film, the folks in the back carriages--including Captain America's Chris Evans--enact a coup against the bourgeoisie citizens of the front carriages. The train in the series is expected to be much longer than the one in the movie, with more carriages to explore.

We don't know anything about Bean's character yet, but we suspect that he'll be in grave danger--the body count in the original Snowpiercer was sky high, and Bean, who has died on-screen over 20 times (and has died in a few games, including GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 and Hitman 2), is unlikely to be in for a safe, gentle train ride.

The show has already had its share of behind-the-scenes controversies: Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson stepped away from the show's production after his original pilot was abandoned, which he believed might be his "best work".

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