Snowboard Kids E3 2005 Preshow Report

Bust out some awesome moves, and toast your friends in this multiplayer snowboarding game.


The previous Snowboard Kids games had you carving up the slopes on the Nintendo 64 as you engaged in some racing action. And now the kids are making their collective reappearance on the Nintendo DS. The multiplayer racer looks like it'll offer you plenty of options to make mincemeat of your friends while you're on the go.

Snowboard Kids will support wireless multiplayer mode through the DS for up to four players at a time. You'll be able to choose from eight different characters to play as, and each character will have his or her own unique projectile attack you can use to ruin your opponents' good times. You'll also be able to gain points in the various game modes by collecting items, racing to the finish, and performing tricks. A trick meter will fill up as you go, and you can take advantage of both your meter and special areas of the track to pull off grand feats, as well as rake in large point rewards. As you amass cash with your snowboard prowess, you'll be able to turn these funds into new boards and other gear for your racers.

DS owners with a penchant for multiplayer mayhem, in the Mario Kart vein, can keep watching this very gamespace for more news on the upcoming Snowboard Kids. We'll bring you more updates as they become available.

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