Snow falling on Xbox, PC

2K Games' new real-time strategy game delves into the criminal underworld; game on the lam until 2006.


Snow (Frog City Interactive)

Publisher 2K Games today announced that its next console crime drama, Snow, will be coming to the Xbox and PC sometime in 2006. The game is being developed by Frog City, a studio owned by Take-Two Interactive. Frog City has several strategy games under its belt, most recently 2003's Tropico 2: Pirate Cove for the PC.

A release issued by 2K Games today skirted around specific details on the game, saying little more than that it will be "a real-time strategy game based on the greed driven world of a criminal empire," a stark departure from the bloated genre of first- and third-person crime-oriented action shooters. Apparently, gamers will be the leader of a crime syndicate, controlling all aspects of the shady business and protecting it from rival factions.

Frog City's Web site may offer a glimpse into the game. A cell-shaded drawing (similar to the artwork found in Grand Theft Auto III's loading screens) of a man with a distinct urban 1970s look adorns the home page. When visitors roll their mouse over the man's mug, a cartoon dialogue bubble comes up, with the words "You want the lowdown. Come back later baby."

Be sure to check back with GameSpot next week for our impressions of the game from the E3 floor.

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