Snoopy Flying Ace takes off on Xbox 360

Xbox Live Update: Peanuts pooch flies the Sopwith Camel once more as Medal of Honor: Airborne and Soulcalibur IV buff the Games on Demand library.


Medal of Honor: Airborne
SoulCalibur IV
Snoopy Flying Ace
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Combat in all forms is this week’s unofficial Xbox Live theme, as Microsoft's Marketplace additions include military and fighting Games on Demand titles next to a very literal dogfighting game on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Debuting on Xbox Live Arcade this week is Snoopy Flying Ace for 800 Microsoft points ($10), available everywhere except Korea and Taiwan. Developed by Smart Bomb Interactive, the game features 10 unique maps, 16 airplanes, and 15 weapons, and also allows players to fight in the skies as their avatar or any member of the Peanuts comic strip gang.

After sending so many men to an early grave, the World War II flying ace needs a stiff drink to steady his nerves.
After sending so many men to an early grave, the World War II flying ace needs a stiff drink to steady his nerves.

New to Games on Demand, Electronic Arts' Medal of Honor: Airborne (now available in Canada, Mexico, and the United States) launched in 2007 and put a paratrooper twist on the series, allowing players to guide themselves to different deployment areas as they parachuted behind enemy lines. US gamers can enlist now for $19.99.

On a different kind of fighting front, Soulcalibur IV is now available in all regions except India. The 2008 Namco Bandai weapons-based brawler features a diverse roster, including one-time Xbox 360-exclusive Yoda, as well as the series' first online mode. It sells for $19.99 on the US Marketplace.

Shifting gears, Activision's newly released arcade racer Blur has a multiplayer demo live on XBL. It's now available to download and play in all regions for anyone with an Xbox Live Gold membership. Also arriving this week is the second map pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Dubbed the Resurgence Map Pack, this quintet of both new and rehashed environments comes to Xbox Live June 3.

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