Snoop's gaming league crowns winner

Radio DJ Eric V. takes home the title in the inaugural Hip-Hop Gaming League finals, beating B. Real, Method Man, Paul Wall, and Twista.


In a field chock-full of ballers and shot-callers, Eric V. had the most game.

The Miami-based radio DJ, one half of the Baka Boys, won the inaugural title this week in the first-ever World Championships for the Hip-Hop Gaming League, the all-star video game league created by Snoop Dogg.

At the Hollywood club Element, Eric V. won the NBA 2K6 Xbox 360 tournament, besting an all-star field that included hip-hoppers B. Real, Method Man, Paul Wall, David Banner, Just Blaze, and Twista.

In the final game, Eric V. beat Wu-Tang rapper Method Man, with Eric V. playing as the Miami Heat and Method Man going with the Dallas Mavericks. The Radio DJ took home the grand prize, which included a customized HHGL chain and medallion (supplied by Paul Wall's partner, TV Johnny) worth an estimated $15,000.

"He whupped everybody's ass," Snoop Dogg said in a statement after the game. "He was a [good player] all season!"

Snoop said that he intended to expand the field of the league for next season.

"The future HHGL, I see more people getting involved," said Snoop during the finals. "We need to open it up and let more people become a part of it because you got a lot of people that's good that ain't a part of it right now, [and] looking like, 'How can I get in? Where do I sign up?' So, we're just gonna open it up and make more opportunity for more people to get involved."

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