Snoop Dogg Rage-Quit 15 Minutes Into A Madden Stream

The well-known rapper Snoop Dogg graced Twitch with his presence for a mere 15 minutes before rage-quitting Madden, but the stream kept going.


Snoop Dogg's love for Madden is well-documented, but the rapper didn't exactly have a good time streaming the game recently. Fourteen minutes into his most recent Madden stream, after the opposing team scored three unanswered touchdowns in the first half, Snoop decided that he'd had enough.

However, it appears that the mind behind such infectious hits as "Drop It Like It's Hot" and "Gin & Juice" forgot to end the steam, as the broadcast continued for the next seven hours and change with no footage whatsoever. Viewers were regaled with a mixture of soul and funk classics for hours and hours. Snoop's fans continued to bombard the stream chat with memes and emojis for the entirety of that time, with several suggesting that he should "get some mods" to help with the technical mix-up.

Snoop's stream description of "sit back, relax, and chill, it's a vibe in here" seems particularly ironic now, given how the stream ended. That said, the fact that Snoop's fans were willing to sit there for hours amusing themselves to the tunes of James Brown demonstrates the rapper's endless appeal. Let's hope he can at least make it through an entire game next time.

Recently, Madden 21 wrongly predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs would beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this year's Super Bowl. That said, not everyone has been happy with last year's entry in the series. In GameSpot's Madden 21 review, our critic Steven Petite opined that Madden 21 feels more like an update than a full new game.

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