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Snoop Dogg announces Rayman Legends Xbox One and PS4 release date in weird trailer

"I've stayed on top of the rap game longer than any other cat, and I don't plan on going anywhere," boasts Snoop Dogg in new Rayman Legends trailer.

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Ubisoft has released a bizarre trailer with rapper Snoop Lion (although even he calls himself Snoop Dogg in the trailer) to announce the release date of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Rayman Legends. A note from the public relations firm representing Snoop Lion notes, "This project is a partnership with Maker Studios’ collaborative gaming and geek culture network, Polaris. Snoop Dogg is partnered with Maker."

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of critical hit platformer Rayman Legends will be released in the US on February 25, 2014. A European release will follow on February 28.

But who better to convey such information than Snoop? "So they sent you to see how I'm living like a legend?" he asks in the two-minute trailer, sitting on what appears to be a throne. "I got fans on every continent," he adds. "I've stayed on top of the rap game longer than any other cat, and I don't plan on going anywhere."

Rayman then beckons Snoop to jump into his game, who promptly follows, despite his previous assertion that he wasn't going anywhere. It's weird.

However, Snoop fails to mention that Xbox One owners will get additional Splinter Ray, Ray Vaas, and Globox Vaas costumes, whereas PlayStation 4 owners will get an Assassin Ray costume.

The multi-platinum rapper also neglects to mention that the Xbox One version will include 10 exclusive challenges with time-limited Achievements, or that the PlayStation 4 will feature its own touchpad actions.

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Vita, PC, and Wii U versions of Rayman Legends are already available.

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