SNK vs. Capcom Official

TOKYO - Arcade rivals SNK and Capcom team up for a versus game based on their most popular characters for Neo Geo Pocket.


TOKYO - One of the surprises on Saturday at the Tokyo Game Show was the announcement of SNK Vs. Capcom for the Neo Geo Pocket handheld. A sheet announcing the team-up was handed out in the aisles of the show surrounding SNK's booth, shown here.

SNK Vs. Capcom will be split into two different games, a card battle game to be released this summer, and a fighting game (as one would expect) this winter. So far this is only for the Neo Geo Pocket Color, but it's been rumored that a home version of this team-up could also be a result.

SNK's handheld will not only benefit from SNK Vs. Capcom, but also other titles from Capcom, one of which will be a new Rockman game specifically for the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

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