SNK unveils KOF 2001

SNK officially unveils the latest game in its King of Fighters series.


SNK has released the first screenshots from and information on King of Fighters 2001 for the arcades. As with the previous games in the series, four fighters make up a team, but in this latest version, the teams no longer require a set configuration of three fighters and one striker. Players have the ability to field a team with no strikers at all, or they can opt to have up to three strikers on a team. Also new to the game is the so-called cancel striker system, which lets players call in a striker without initiating the striker call operation. However, one of the following stipulations must be met in order to use this feature: the opposing character must be on the ground, the player must have one or more stocks of power gauge, or the opposition has just been attacked and is in recovery.

King of Fighters 2001 will be released on the NeoGeo MVS System in Japanese arcades. It will be available in November. KOF 2001 was developed by Korean studio Eolith Company. GameSpot will have more as further information is released.

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