SNK Playmore to replace glitched Card Fighters DS

US arm of Japanese publisher to replace first-run game cartridges with show-stopping bug by mail.


Gamers frustrated by a bug in SNK vs. Capcom Cardfighters DS, take heart. Over the weekend, a message board post on the official SNK Playmore Web site authored by SNK Playmore USA president Ben Herman indicated that the company is aware of a show-stopping bug that occurs on the ninth level of the US version of the game the second time it is played. (The game is playable all the way through in story mode, and it can be played afterward for additional cards until players reach level nine and duel with a certain character, which causes the game to lock up.)

According to the message board post from Herman, the company has ordered replacement cartridges from Nintendo, which "will take approximately six weeks" for SNK Playmore to receive by mail. Game owners who wish to exchange their games for fixed copies are advised not to return them to stores, but to hold on to them until SNK Playmore publicizes the address to which they should be sent for replacement.

Card Fighters DS is the follow-up to a pair of SNK vs. Capcom card battle games for SNK's NeoGeo Pocket Color handheld. For more information on the game, consult GameSpot's review.

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