SNK Playmore planning online play for all future fighting titles

Online gameplay to be added to every NeoGeo title after KOF '94 remake.


The King of Fighters '94 Re-Bout

According to a recent interview conducted by Nikkei BP, SNK Playmore is planning to add online play to all of its future fighting games.

"We believe that the real fun in fighting games is in playing against other people. But people that are most enthusiastic about fighting games are starting to enter the work force, so they're probably getting less chances to play them [at the arcades]," commented Ryoko Suzuki of SNK Playmore.

"So we're planning on adding online playability to all our titles after King of Fighters 94' Re-Bout," the upcoming remake of the 10-year-old seminal entry in the fighting game series, Suzuki said. "We want to provide an environment where the users can experience the thrill of playing against various other people at the arcades, but in their own homes.”

Suzuki also mentioned that the upcoming new version of Metal Slug for the PlayStation 2 will be one of the main features of SNK Playmore's Tokyo Game Show exhibition, as the series will appear for the first time as a 3D game.

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