Sniper Elite V2 - I Can Wait All Day

By incorporating sandbox level designs, varied weapons, and other tricks, Rebellion looks to deliver a different action experience with Sniper Elite V2


The number of military action games based on the events of World War II has tapered away during the past several years, with the setting focusing on either current or futuristic storylines. Bucking this trend, Rebellion Games is going back to the tail end of WWII with its upcoming third-person action game. Sniper Elite V2 is the follow-up to the 2005 game Sniper Elite. The developers are hoping that the game's open-ended nature and "kill cam" camera mechanic will set it apart from other games.

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Sniper Elite V2 puts you in control of Karl Fairburne, a US sniper. He has been sent to Berlin in the midst of post-WWII conflicts between Nazi and Russian forces with the mission of trying to eliminate, capture, or rescue those involved in the famous V2 rocket program.

The story is spread across 11 missions, but how you approach each mission is where the game's open-ended nature comes into play. Like so many other action games, you can customize your arsenal to best suit your play style. Fairburne is equipped with a primary sniper rifle, a machine gun, and a sidearm, as well as a number of different supplementary items. These include explosive mines and trip mines, which can be set up in locations to serve various functions, such as defense mechanisms or traps.

Even though Fairburne is a sniper, you won't be restricted to playing as stealthy soldiers. The different weapons and items let you approach an area in various ways. With your silenced sidearm, you can slowly creep behind enemies and eliminate them. If you're the kind of person who enjoys running and gunning, then your machine gun will let you play with no regard for your safety.

Still, the primary focus is to snipe enemies and use the terrain to your advantage. Enemies will often be far away, so you can eliminate entire squads before they can react. When sniping, the game features both a heart-rate monitor and breathing bar, which factors into shooting. Holding your breath will allow for a more precise shot, but if you're being fired upon and under a lot of pressure, Fairburne's high heart rate makes shooting more difficult.

Proper sneaking will help you to accomplish any task.
Proper sneaking will help you to accomplish any task.

Kills with your rifle also showcase the game's kill-cam mechanic. When you pull off incredible kill shots, the game momentarily stops the action and goes into a bullet animation that slowly highlights the bullet's trek from the muzzle of your rifle to its target. Based on where the bullet goes, you are treated to an X-ray animation that points out exactly what internal damage has been done, such as shattering skulls and exploding livers. During our presentation, these animations were shown a lot, but we were promised that the frequency of these moments--which can take you out of the experience--will only happen at key moments.

Sniper Elite V2 is scheduled to hit the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 this May.

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Avatar image for slickok

I just finished this game,and was really surprised to find so many errors in the gameplay,like too many buttons to push for a simple action, the trouble in moving my man to different postions,especially during combat. I did enjoy the bullet cam,which was a updated version of the first game,the story line was nice,but the game was not near the caliber of the first game, I give it a good 6,on a scale of 1-10 10 being the best. Need up date ,to improve rating in my opinion.

Avatar image for Subterfuge71

Just played the demo and loved it. Definitely buying this.

Avatar image for j1965

love the demo! WILL preorder.

Avatar image for aaroquesi

I just play the demo and im very excited with it, graphics looks great, kill cam dam great, control is easy and sound is good, hopefully this game is going to be better than the first one which i loved it

Avatar image for FriendlyFalcon

whats up with may having amazing looking under the radar games.

Avatar image for thegodatgames

about bloody time thats all i can say, waited too long for a good old sniper game on the ps3

Avatar image for ohjtbehaaave

Please ...all the mindless shooter FPS fans who want run and gun mindless gameplay and re-spawning... please leave this area/article immediately. This is a game where you actually use your BRAIN first and strategize before pulling the trigger. Those upset and knocking Sniper Elite V2 because it isn't just another mediocre FPS is laughable and pathetic. It's one of the reasons the game industry is failing actually. Not enough chances taken with original type gameplay... and just game after game of the same FPS type drivel.

Avatar image for Dark_December

Will keep an eye on this.

Avatar image for wilson336

I have to laugh at all the commenters who are trying to sound smug and superior, but are confusing the fantastic Sniper Elite with the blah Sniper: Ghost Hunter

Avatar image for caroliro

First game was best sniper game I've played on console(sniper ghost warrior did even come close.) So I'm looking forward to it! Run and Gun part sounds opposite of what developers were saying in walk through

Avatar image for mixalisss13
mixalisss13 l be just like the first..boring.....

Avatar image for 666NightsInHell

Another same crap fps.FAIL!!!

Avatar image for gijas

I hope they get this right. Its hard to beat the first game. It was simply the best for sniping.

Avatar image for PSN-SCRODE

I loved the first one cant wait for this. A true sniper game

Avatar image for rbok6

I liked the first one, but It got boring as You were progressing through the game, i finished the game though. If Rebelion want this game to be a great game they gonna have to innovate a lot!

Avatar image for mikees1

Yup loved the first! Will do this one too!

Avatar image for prince__vlad

Interesting. The first one was boring and looked dated. Hope this one will make for it .

Avatar image for krypet007

tps? I'll only accept for sniper elite and mass effect so far. aiming on console? it shouldn't be done and you have to be an idiot to think it should.

Avatar image for spelingchampeon

A shooter in the 3rd person.. meh

Avatar image for emperiox

Awesome! I loved Sniper: Ghost Warrior...I'm def getting this!

Avatar image for CUDGEdave

Sniper Elite was a great game but underated,So Im looking forward to this one.

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

Looks pretty cool I admit! The following the bullet thing has been done before.. just maybe not the exploding skull :P

Avatar image for ranjitdcunha

i cant wait

Avatar image for PDXmauler97

that bullet drop kill was boss, cant wait to see more gameplay

Avatar image for radcrab123

Can't wait to play a remastered version but,i am gonna have to be on the lookout it looks a little call of duty so lets not make everyone say "THIS GAME IS A RIP OFF OF CALL OF DUTY BLAH BLAH BLAH"

Avatar image for Raxyman

Split. Screen. Coop. = Preorder It was after all the best coop experience in PS2.

Avatar image for Avenger1324

Really hoping there is more focus on stealth and sneaking than on action - run and gun tactics have no place in sniping. Loved the first game (though not the DRM) and pulling off extreme distance kills in semi-sandbox levels was great fun.

Avatar image for thenephariouson

Fantastic!! ive been waiting for this for ages.

Avatar image for Kiriyama_X

Awesome. I loved the first one.

Avatar image for AvnKnight

The first one was an alright game, more fun on 2 players. I'll be sure to follow this one.

Avatar image for QOSMSTR

I have been waiting for a game like this for a long time. Ghost Warrior didnt quite make it for me but this looks amazing so far.

Avatar image for MEDzZ3RO

A few years ago it was safe to say we'd had enough of WW2; but now, just a few years down the line it would be a welcome return.

Avatar image for gamingfrendly

wow i never thought they would make a 2nd game i loved the first hope this one is as good

Avatar image for NoirBadguy

Finding best spot, sneaking into position, securing escape route. I have high hopes for this game, also Rebellion, haven't seen them for a while.. or is it me?

Avatar image for 100proofsoco

1st. This looks really cool. I love WWII games, and this looks promising. 2nd. @maffaxxx +1 for phisics

Avatar image for uglypinkmoose

looks good so far.... as long as run and gun gets you killed really easily this can be a great new thang!

Avatar image for endorbr

Yeah slow motion kills will really set it apart...

Avatar image for pelvist

Hopefully they dont turn Sniper Elite into another COD clone.

Avatar image for Rovelius

This is looking great but... "and "kill cam" camera mechanic will set it apart from other games." Uhh... riiiiiiiiiiiight.

Avatar image for samirus

The first game was amazing! bringing what real sniping is all about: taking in consideration the wind direction, gravity, empty lung, etc. Things all other sniping games have failed in it. A real sniper is not running through the battlefield no-scoping and rushing into enemy lines...Really looking forward to this one!

Avatar image for BravoOneActual

Slightly off topic: I'm playing Crysis 2 and boy is it a fetid, steamy turd pile. Who let the Sniper Ghost Warrior devs in the door at Crytek? Not even close to the first one. Back on topic: I'm a slave to video games, so I have mixed feelings about this one. If it's great, my faith will be be renewed. If it pulls a Crysis 2 and is godawfulterrible, I will be free from gaming's spell! Quite a bit rides on this one for me.

Avatar image for maffaxxx

i loved Sniper Elite, the only game with real phisics involved. Not just point and click, but exact range find and proper usage of the mil dot technique. Also the open ended mission is something i remember quite well, its one of the part of the game i liked most. Cant wait it comes to PC!

Avatar image for Lockedge

A solid series. On of the better FPS series out there

Avatar image for ptflea1

Uh 505 games? How can i care about a game by them?

Avatar image for shadow580

I played the first one a little bit when it came out. I never finished it but It definitely caught my interest so I'm looking forward to see how this one turns out.

Avatar image for GokuJPN

goooood! :)

Avatar image for larkin-54

the first one was awesome just really hard, im excited i hope this has breathing wind heart beat etc... just like the first one

Avatar image for SP-14

Can"t wait for it! SNIPER ELITE!

Avatar image for parrot_of_adun

Looks like they've fixed the only thing wrong with the first: the plot. SO, looks like a purchase unless Rebellion pulls... A Rebellion, and screws it up without reason....

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