Sniper Elite's Zombie Army Trilogy Brings Zombie Hitler to Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Nazi Zombie Army and Nazi Zombie Army 2 owners get 60 percent off automatically.


Developer Rebellion has announced Zombie Army Trilogy, a compilation of the Sniper Elite spin-off games, which includes remastered version Nazi Zombie Army and Nazi Zombie Army 2, as well as some new content.

If you haven't played the Zombie Army games before, they use the same engine and gameplay from Sniper Elite V2, notably it's ridiculously gory, slow-motion X-Ray Kill cam, but forgoes its realistic and stealthy aspects in favor of huge numbers of Nazi zombie enemies.

Overall, Zombie Army Trilogy will include 15 missions, spanning three campaigns, the third of which was never released before. The content that players will recognize from Zombie Army 1 and 2 will be upgraded with new enemies, animations, and graphical effects. In addition to the four playable characters from the previous games, there are now four new female characters, which you can now use in the new cooperative horde mode that comes with five dedicated maps.

Zombie Army Trilogy is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this year. If you already bought Nazi Zombie Army and Nazi Zombie Army 2 on PC, Rebellion said it has no plans to release the new content included in Zombie Army Trilogy separately, but you will get a 60 percent discount on Zombie Army Trilogy automatically.

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