Sniper Elite 4's PS4 Pro Frame Rate Reaches Double Xbox One's, Says Report

Sniper Elite 4 Pro.


Sniper Elite 4 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC--but how do the consoles fare when running Rebellion's latest marksman sim?

Well according to Digital Foundry, the two consoles and Sony's upgraded hardware, PS4 Pro, perform quite differently. The site says that while PS4 Pro's frame rate is unlocked and mostly hangs around the 45-55 FPS region, the regular PS4 and Xbox One don't quite reach the same heights.

The standard PS4's frame rate is mostly contained within the 30-40 FPS marks, but Xbox One's can't get above 30. Sniper Elite 4 is capped at 30 on Xbox One, but Microsoft's console frequently dips below that mark, and even into the high teens in particularly demanding scenes.

All three consoles render at 1080p, says Digital Foundry--including the PS4 Pro at max settings, even when connected to a 4K TV. Otherwise, the three consoles broadly look the same, save for reduced texture pop-in on PS4 Pro. Check out Digital Foundry's full video above.

Developer Rebellion detailed Sniper Elite 4's PS4 Pro support earlier in February. The company said Sony's upgraded console would deliver an "enhanced frame rate, improved lighting, and faster loading times." Rebellion also revealed details about its game's season pass details--get the lowdown here.

In our Sniper Elite 4 review, we called the game "a natural progression for the series," which is now "living up to its long-standing potential." If you're curious about other critics' thoughts on the sniping game, check out this review roundup.

Alternatively, take a look at our complete list of every PS4 Pro game that is and isn't getting an upgrade patch.

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If it can't keep a steady 30fps at 1080p then lower it to 720p-900p. I don't understand some of these dev's

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@pcps4xb: It might not be the developer's fault. Publishers have input too, and if they say 'presentation over framerate', they must abide.

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@pcps4xb: They made the game with Xbox S in mind but pro sony DF keeps using the old fat Xbox totally ignoring the Xbox S.

FYI the ps4 also has bad dips in it, but again, DF is pro sony so they ALWAYS want to make Xbox look bad.

Funny thing is DF needs sony and BUT Microsoft doesn't want or care for DF.

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@iaruelas: Dude, give up already. The S and regular xbox one have less than a .1 teraflop difference. Please stop acting like it's the scorpio.

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@iaruelas: I really don't think that's the case. It's just that more games perform better on ps4 and when there is a game that performs better on Xbox like Witcher 3 at release they are honest about it.