Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass Details Confirmed

All multiplayer maps and modes will come for free to all players.


Rebellion has confirmed season pass details for its impending Nazi gullyworks exploration game, Sniper Elite 4.

Those that commit to spending USD$34.99 on the season pass will receive the following:

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  • All of the pre-order bonus content
    • Target: Führer campaign mission, in which players will infiltrate a secret Mediterranean U-boat facility, presumably in order to sit down with Hitler and give him a chance to really internalize some bullets.
    • Camouflage rifle skin pack, for the discerning sniper that likes his death-dealer lush and green.
  • Three extra campaign missions: a separate three-chapter campaign telling the story of how protagonist Karl Fairburne escapes Italy.
  • Three extra expansion packs: to be released alongside a campaign mission, each expansion will include three new weapons, eight weapon skins, and two new characters for use in co-op and multiplayer.
  • Yet more expansion packs: more weapons, including silenced weapons, famous historical allied wartime rifles, and close-quarters weapons and equipment, as well as three more co-op and multiplayer characters.

Rebellion also confirmed that all future multiplayer maps and modes will be released for free to all players, regardless of season pass status. Sniper Elite 4 is due for release on February 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you're hoping to pick up Sniper Elite 4 for your PS4 Pro, here's a list of improvements you'll see over the vanilla PS4.

Want to see how the co-op modes work? Check out some co-op mission gameplay footage, or the wave-based four-player co-op survival mode.

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