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Sniper Elite 4 Let’s You Kill Nazis With See-Through Brutality

The Italian job.

The Sniper Elite franchise doesn’t get enough credit for its emergent gameplay. In a post-Metal Gear world, it’s assuring to find a campaign mode where a single decision can blossom into myriad follow-up opportunities. This kind of unpredictability is one of the reasons why roguelikes and adversarial multiplayer games are popular. In the context of single player combat, Sniper Elite 4 preserves the series’ open ended, improvisation-driven designs while still preserving a goal-driven story.

It’s a narrative that continues Sniper Elite’s exploration into the campaigns of World War II where fictional missions are carried out in front of factual backdrops. The series has taken fans from Berlin to North Africa and now Italy.

The mission in Rebellion’s E3 demo’s was a perfect example of the journey being more crucial than the goal. The objective was straightforward: detonate a bomb on a train bridge in order to disrupt an crucial Nazi supply route. The path to the targeted bridge support is beset by patrols and a small base, practically ensuring you’re going to use more than a sniper rifle to complete the assignment. Having an expansive arsenal has always been the key feature that separates Sniper Elite from its main competitor, the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series. Sniping is just one component in a game loaded with other combat mechanics includes cover-based third person shooting and liberal grenade tossing (assuming you’re not a stickler for stealth).

The most fortunate players are either skilled multitaskers who can switch between weapons on the fly or focused snipers who are resourceful and patient enough to use their surroundings to their advantage. If you opt for ranged lethality, you’ll be treated to Sniper Elite’s trademark slow motion x-ray kills, where you’ll witness the detailed brutality of your targeting choice. It’s the kind of see-through gruesomeness that’s only rivaled by the last couple Mortal Kombat games.

Sniper Elite 4 isn’t bereft of challenge and it’s underscored by the fact you have to play according to many WWII-era rules. That means benefitting from the discretion of a silenced pistol but having to contend with its inaccuracy. You can at least take advantage of the unrealistic ability to mark enemies and a mini radar for easy tracking.

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It all comes back to recognizing opportunities and options, environmentally and situationally. It’s about deciding how many Nazis on the bridge you’d like to take out from a distance before you move in and plant the bomb. It’s about how you plan to prepare for the incoming troops altered by your rifle fire. It’s about using tactical cover points to take out a small army on the base as you make your way to the bridge. And it’s about where you’d like to target the bomb after you’ve planted it on the bridge support. The wide-linear design of the level–-which Rebellion assured us is indicative of the entire game–-ensures that every failed playthrough shouldn’t be a cause for frustration but rather a reason for excitement that you get to try a different approach when you respawn.

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Avatar image for jackr288

I'm sorry but I just signed up to leave this one comment. I never read such crap in my life this game is terrible!!!! the AI is Horrific and the game is boring as hell, zero challenge throughout the entire game and ye're actually trying to help sell this s#+t??? Who ever did ye're research is definitely not a gamer and should find a different career

Avatar image for Herrick

The title is equivalent to "Sniper Elite 4 Lets You Do Exactly What You Did In The Last Two Games". Anyway, sign me up!

Avatar image for Dav_id83

I'm considering in buying SEV3 right now on steam but I'm stuck between than and South Stick of Truth, I loved SEV2 to death and I have been wanting SEV3 for a while

Avatar image for DrunkenPunk800

This series keeps getting better.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

i'll stick with Fallout 4 for my sniping needs which is minimal.....

these games never interested me and i find it dubious to compare this to MGS, MGSV alone far outclasses it just by offering more to do other than the prime gameplay mechanic.....

Avatar image for muzza93

@darthrevenx: why read articles about sniper games if you don't like them?

Avatar image for DrunkenPunk800

@darthrevenx: Unlike MGS, this series doesn't have a convoluted storyline... or nine billion hours of cutscenes.

Honestly, not a big stealth fan, but LOVE this series.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@DrunkenPunk800: I like the crazy convoluted story of Metal Gear to be honest.....

hell I liked Armored Core's convoluted story up to the end of gen 6...[Last Raven] from For Answer on the story got stupid and far more unwieldy that what was left was gameplay and i wasn't digging that either lol

to be clear that's the first game then AC2, AC2 Another Age, AC3, AC3 Silent Line, Nexus, Last Raven I skipped Nine Breaker and the PSX era arena game.....

i'm not a fan of war games and sniper genre games.....being the sniper isn;t so bad when t's an option, not the prime mode....also IRL real snipers don't move around so much, they pick a spot they believe the target will be at, go there hours ahead of time, set up, wait, take the shot then leave......or sometimes they'll take many shots then leave....sometimes they provide cover fire for other units....but always a sniper works with a yeah, the whole thing how games put you in that role then have you running for your live to me is bogus......IRL a suppressed shot from a mile out that kills someone nobody is gonna know where it came from, yet game AI tends to just know right away doesn't matter what game we're talking all implement it the same way....i run into this even in fallout way in hell anyone could have heard the shot yet all of a sudden I'm being assaulted.....

shot from max distance, suppressed, fired from cover, kiled target, no other targets seen prior to shot, 13 people shoot at me instantly yet the one who was killed was farthest away from the rest..........bad AI man and unrealistic no matter the game and I've ran into this in multiple games....

Avatar image for Marky360

This game series is very interesting to me and I think I may pick this game up. It looks very fun and I tried out Sniper Elite 3 a few months ago just to check the series out and I gotta say it was pretty fun I really like the realistic bullet physics and the slow motion x-ray camera work. The unique difficulty settings is also pretty cool you can select just how realistic you want to the bullet physics to be. The only thing I would want from this series is to see it be taken into a more modern setting. I'd like to see a modern version of Sniper Elite in a modern setting and with modern weapons. That'd be really cool and interesting to see how they play around with the more modern Sniper firearms vs the older bolt action rifles.

Avatar image for brightsunbeam

Technically they are not Nazis they are German soldiers, just sayn.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@brightsunbeam: Technically there were many different nationalities in the Army .. Even Americans !!

Avatar image for Smosh150

@brightsunbeam: Indeed, I always hate how the Wehrmacht are labeled as Nazi's. It is like calling the US military Democrats or Republicans. Though most just look at you like a Wehraboo if you say they aren't Nazi's.

Avatar image for spartanx169x

@indigoj: I've played the first two games and for me it never got boring. It felt very rewarding each and every time.

Avatar image for speed45823

The last 3 Sniper Elite games were awsm. Looking forward to this one as well.

Avatar image for spo562

What about a game where we kill Muslims, Russians, North Koreans, the Chinese, and Venezuelans. :)

Avatar image for Smosh150

When can I start killing the Allies with see-through brutality or at least play as some other nation from the Allies? Little bit tired of this character, but that is just me.

I mean I guess it's too late now, but changing theaters only gets this game so far when trying to keep it fresh(I mean hell three took place in my favorite theater of WW2, but it still felt like a DLC to two).

Avatar image for Herrick

@Smosh150: They probably would never make a mainstream game where you play the other side but they could at least make another character based on a famous sniper who fought for The Allies. Maybe a Russian.

Avatar image for Smosh150

@Herrick: True enough.

Avatar image for kyelo

@Smosh150: Maybe an Iraqi freedom fighter popping American(and the odd British)head? Mix it up a little...

Avatar image for Smosh150

@kyelo: I doubt we would ever see that anytime soon, bit too recent I think for them to go for despite it being interesting(I mean fighting as an Iraqi against the US and UK). Now playing as a member of the Coalition during the Gulf War would be something feasible and most certainly interesting as well(You could have a bonus assassinate Hussein mission like with Hitler).

Honestly though I just don't want to play as an American during WW2 anymore, I'd like to play from the perspective of another nation/faction(Particularly the Axis).

Avatar image for sleepnsurf

Sniper Elite 2 was epic. The third was not very good as the theater was boring. I hope this one delivers.