Sniper Elite 3 announced

Minimal announcement confirms Sniper Elite 3 for 2014 on current- and next-gen platforms.


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Publisher 505 Games has announced Sniper Elite 3 for both current- and next-gen platforms.

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The game is expected to launch in 2014.

Last month UK developer Rebellion, who made Sniper Elite V2, was announced as one of the developers working on the PlayStation 4. 505 Games added that Sniper Elite V2 sold 1.1 million copies worldwide.

No gameplay details were divulged as part of the announcement.

A Wii U version of Sniper Elite V2 is also in the works.

"Sniper Elite V2 is a satisfying shooting gallery, though it often does a lackluster job maintaining the illusion," said GameSpot's Chris Watters in his 6.0 Sniper Elite V2 review last year.

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Avatar image for ohjtbehaaave

The bullet camera showing it entering the enemies body is pretty cool.

Avatar image for ArmyDawg_93

I currently have all the sniper games that are out right now and I would say Sniper Elite V2 is my favorite. I will definitely buy the new version that comes out in 2014. I hope the developers create a modern day Sniper Elite in the future also.

A few things I would like to see in the new version are: more variety in online multiplayer maps, larger teams (instead of just 4 snipers on each side), the ability to re-supply secondary ammo (grenades, mines, etc.) somewhere on the map (for online multiplayer).

Avatar image for tim_wildcat

Got the first one and wanted another one. Personally thought also that a sniper usually takes one shot. So Warmuro a 90% shot should be that for a sniper! If you miss your one step closer to death and giving away your position. I am ready for another one and would love to have it first.

Avatar image for ghostwarrior79

Sniper elite 3,eh? Let's all listen to some epic sniper music in the meantime! (Vid with link below)

Avatar image for duuuuuuude1

I was surprised at how much I liked V2. I'm probably going to have to grab this one.

Avatar image for Mega_Skrull

Let's hope for good stealth and freedom. I'm so not for linear games, and linear sniping is a no go.

Avatar image for ghostwarrior79

@Mega_Skrull I just want a game with lots of replay value and I want it to be looooong!

Avatar image for LOVERPS3

i'm happy to heard that

Avatar image for PeterDuck

Glad the second game sold well to warrant the next release

Avatar image for sumer03

Bring some brutal bullet timing this time :)

Avatar image for Warmuro

Enemy soldiers were kinda automatic rifled-snipers who see us easily and shoot with %90 accuracy (even at very long distances). If the same bulshit continues with the next game, i say "No, thanks."

Avatar image for gamingfrendly

hope its more like the first one.

Avatar image for tommygun6644

I'm on board.

Avatar image for ghostwarrior79

@tommygun6644 I'm on board too,so?

Avatar image for johndoe696969

@ghostwarrior79 @tommygun6644 I'm on board too, SFW? :)

Avatar image for SchumiF1

Nice, another game for slo-mo nut shots lol.

Avatar image for emperiox

@SchumiF1 I love the fact that you get extra points for that. Like you're rewarded for shooting them in the balls lol xD

Avatar image for TheCyborgNinja

I'd love them to make 3 a prequel, where you alternate between Soviet and German snipers on the eastern front.

Avatar image for ghostwarrior79

@TheCyborgNinja NOPE! I want modern sniping!

Avatar image for PcGamingRig

sniper elite V2 was no where near as good as I was hoping it would be, needs to be more like the first game.

Avatar image for ghostwarrior79

@PcGamingRig offence or anything,pal.But I really enjoyed V2 because of the stealth and the ruthless sniping! The first one was okay.If you didn't enjoy it,there are always OTHER games to play.I can recommend some good pc games for you to play and enjoy.All you have to do is ask and I WILL HELP U! BYE!

Avatar image for aeterna789

Only a matter of time before the Sniper Elite franchise goes with annual releases.

Avatar image for Grimkillah

Wait a sec, Sniper Elite V2 is a reboot of the series, and not 2nd in the series, so the new game should be called Sniper Elite V2 2?? Ok now I am confused.

Avatar image for Master_cheat001

@Grimkillah V is for version I suppose. V2 is the game version 2, not the game volume 2. :)

Avatar image for 106473

@Master_cheat001 @Grimkillah V2 is for the German rocket.

Avatar image for ghostwarrior79

@106473 @Master_cheat001 @Grimkillah Yup,he's right.It's for the german rocket

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

I only saw gameplay for the 2nd one for the first time yesterday, and I've got to say it looks satisfying! Not sure I could buy a game where all you do is snipe for the whole thing, but the camera angles and cinematics are sure as hell awesome. Reminds me of the old school Max Payne sniper shots.

Avatar image for hellangel_boy

@warhawk-geeby Actually, the second looked good, but it didn't play that good. The idea was there, but the execution wasn't good. When I saw it before it got released I thought it would be good but then I played the demo and it felt unpolished.

Avatar image for brok

I don't understand the appeal of a sniper game. They sound like they only portray a fraction of a more complete shooter.

Avatar image for jinzo9988

Awesome. I can look forward to Sniper Elite 3 being featured every single week on Steam and also seeing it on sale every other week.

Avatar image for Printul_Noptii

Its great to see there are more sniping games coming around, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 looks also very promising running on the Cryengine 3 :]

Avatar image for Master_cheat001

@Printul_Noptii Hear me out. Wait for the price to cut at least 50-75% before buying. The game is very boring. The animation is bad, kill cam is not a fun thing to watch because "blood" liquid just spash out of the wooden body and done. Graphic is look like far cry 1.

Avatar image for billlabowski

@Printul_Noptii That game is trash.