SNES-Themed 3DS XL Looks Great, Is for Japan Only

This nice-looking special edition system launches in Japan next month


The Nintendo of Japan version of yesterday's Nintendo Direct briefing contained some news not mentioned in the North American show. One piece of such news was the reveal of a New 3DS XL system modeled after the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, known as the Super Famicom in Japan.

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As you can see, it sports the trademark gray color, while the backside is meant to look like the SNES's top. It even has representations for the Power, Reset, and Eject buttons.

This system goes on sale in Japan next month for ¥21,600, which comes out to around $190. Nintendo has made no announcement about bringing the system to the United States (via Polygon).

In other SNES news, during yesterday's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced that SNES games would be coming to the 3DS Virtual Console. You can see some of the first games to be added here.

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