SNES-Style Controllers With Analog Sticks For Switch Get Release Date; Pre-orders Open Now

What's old is new.


Retro peripheral manufacturer 8bitdo announced today that its SN30 Pro and SF30 Pro controllers for the Nintendo Switch will hit store shelves on December 10 this year. Pre-orders are now open through Amazon and carry a price tag of $50 USD. The SN30 Pro sports the color scheme of the original Super Nintendo controller released in North America; the SF30 Pro rocks the Super Famicom controller's color with red, green, blue, and yellow face buttons.

Both the SN30 Pro and SF30 Pro are fully featured with two shoulder buttons, two triggers, and two analog sticks that click downward. In addition to working with the Switch, they're compatible with Windows PCs, macOS systems, and Android devices. These controllers connect through USB-C and work wirelessly through bluetooth. There's currently no word on the approximate battery life of the controllers' lithium ion battery.

Take a closer look at 8bitdo's gamepads:

SN30 Pro (top), SF30 Pro (bottom)
SN30 Pro (top), SF30 Pro (bottom)
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These retro gamepads also come with rumble vibration, a turbo function, and motion controls for Switch users. While they work with Android devices, the smartphone clip shown in the photos is sold separately for $8 USD.

8bitdo previously released non-Pro versions of the SN30 and SF30, which didn't include analog sticks, or triggers. We previously reviewed Hyperkin's take on an SNES-style controller in the X91 for Xbox One and PC, you can check out what we said here.

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