SNES Classic's Never-Released Star Fox 2 Gets An Online Manual

Better late than never.


The Super NES Classic Edition features 21 of the console's very best games, but perhaps the most notable of its pre-loaded titles is Star Fox 2. The SNES sequel to the original Star Fox was all but complete in 1995, only to be unceremoniously canceled before launch, making this the first time the game will be released in an official capacity. Fittingly, Nintendo has shared a retro-style manual for Star Fox 2 online, giving fans a chance to learn more about the lost SNES game before it finally launches.

The digital manual features the usual information you'd expect to find about the game, including short character biographies and story details. Unsurprisingly, the title sees series' villain Andross return to once again threaten the Lylat system, and it falls on the Star Fox team to stop him. This time, the crew is joined by two new pilots who wouldn't appear again in any other Star Fox game: Miyu, a defense-minded lynx, and Fay, the "daughter of an aristocratic family."

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The manual also provides some insight into Star Fox 2's different gameplay systems, which introduced new elements that would inspire future installments. The Walker transformation featured in Wii U's Star Fox Zero, for instance, plays a prominent role in Star Fox 2, allowing players to transform their Arwing into a bipedal vehicle. Also unique to this installment is its real-time map screen, which gives players more freedom to select which missions they'd like to take on first.

What's more, featured within the digital manual is a PDF file of Star Fox 2's actual design documents. These are only available in Japanese, but they provide an intriguing look at the planning that went into the game. You can find the design documents here.

SNES Classic Edition releases on September 29. Nintendo says it will deliver "significantly more" units than it did of the NES Classic, but that hasn't stopped pre-orders from selling out within minutes of going online at various retailers. You can keep track of the latest in our SNES Classic pre-order guide. Even if you haven't been able to secure a pre-order online, GameStop says it will have units available in its stores on launch day.

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