SNES Classic Stock Will Be Available At GameStop On Launch Day

Here's another way to get a SNES Classic this week.


The SNES Classic is launching this Friday, September 29. If you're looking to get your hands on a unit, here's some good news if you live in the US: GameStop and ThinkGeek stores will have units available for walk-in shoppers.

In a statement, a GameStop representative said the stores will have a "limited and varied amount of consoles," so it sounds like there is no guarantee you'll get one. Arriving early at your local store is probably a good idea, as is calling ahead to confirm availability.

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The SNES Classic is priced at $80 in the US. It comes with 21 games, including Final Fantasy III, Kirby Super Star, Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Mario Kart, and the previously unreleased Star Fox 2.

The NES Classic faced widespread shortages, but Nintendo says there will be more available for buyers compared to the NES Classic. It sounds like Nintendo has learned from the problems with the NES Classic supply, though only time will tell how it actually works out.

For lots more on the SNES Classic, check out GameSpot's review here. You can also read our guide that covers everything you need to know.

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I was able to preorder one at my GameStop. I went in yesterday to browse and they said they will have 24 on Friday, which seemed like a good number for my small town. I hope everyone that wants one is able to get one without resorting to getting one from a scalper.

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From the numbers I've seen available, they're still woefully low for anyone who isn't able to camp or show up a few hours early. The demand on this is far too high. Even if Nintendo doubled the units available, people still wouldn't be able to show up that day and get one without having camped or been there early. I'm going to try, but not liking my odds.

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Question............are Gamestop employees allowed to purchase the SNES Classics? If each store gets 6 units but has 8 employees................. I think you see where I am going with this................

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I have my pi already set to order if I can't get one of these easily on release day.

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Not a bad price, even though i have for years just used a emulator on my HTPC. Alot of great feature and a cool rewind and save. My only small and this is a very small complaint- I really wished the controllers were wireless.

I will not rush to pick one up as i have played those games above when they came out originally back in the 80's. Ill wait till i can get one for around $65 used.

Alot of great RPG's on that list also !

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There will be two consoles to a store just watch. Ridiculous.

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Last year my nearest Gamestop had like 4 NES Classics besides preorders and there was around a dozen people waiting since around midnight of release. My guess is there getting about the same amount of SNES Classics. They barely have gotten any Switches, they always just have to suggest the online bundles.

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@meatymisto: the target by me has had switches always in stock since release. It's why I've been skeptical of reported shortages of it to make people impulse buy when they see one.

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@smashthestars: I've been to quite a bit of different Walmarts, Gamestops, BestBuys over the last 6 months and have seen maybe a total of 8. That's only within a 300 mile radius in Texas though. lol Demand is slightly high and stock isn't that great, but there's no mass shortage. If you want to get a Switch you could have ordered online easily within the last 3-4 months. I agree with you on that one. From all the madness last year with the NES Classic, there's more people aware of the SNES Classic, and that's mainly what worries me. lol

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We all know this is a lie. This is what will happen if you walk into a Gamestop and ask for one because this is what happens when you walk into Gamestop and ask for anything new:

"Do you have a preorder?"


"Well we only got a few and only for the preorders, you should have preordered. Do you want to sign up for Game Informer or our PowerUp Rewards card?"

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Bundled with garbage probably.

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Well glad I have off Friday but I don't how much I really would want to get out of bed that early on Friday.

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Amazon just charged me 109€ for one, supposed to be price guaranteed and 80€.

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I hope I'm able to find one.

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Maybe to people that go a couple hours early and have no jobs or life.

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@zoniax2: I'm going to stop by Walmart on the way to work - nowhere else will be open. I haven't heard a word about them stocking it, so I'm not super hopeful. I won't be able to go anywhere else until 4:00 pm.

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@zoniax2: yep... i guess i wont be getting this until it finally becomes available for real after eventual rerelease a year and a half from now...