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SNES Classic Pre-Orders Sold Out At GameStop, But It'll Have More At Launch

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Update 2: GameStop has sold out of SNES Classics online, and while it may be worth checking with your local store, they're likely all out, too. The retailer has offered some reassurance people who didn't get one--and there appear to be many who were unsuccessful. It said on Twitter, "We'll have more available on launch day, in store, for walk-ins." That's good news in light of what's happening on the secondhand market.

Update: GameStop briefly brought pre-orders for the system and various bundles online through its website. However, heavy traffic has seemingly taken it back down. It's again now redirecting visitors to ThinkGeek, which has amazingly sold out of all seven of its high-priced bundles.

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Original Story: Numerous retailers in the United States have brought their SNES Classic Edition pre-orders online today, only for them to sell out right away. GameStop is among those offering pre-orders right now, but you may have to head into a store to secure one.

As of this writing, GameStop's website is completely offline, no doubt as it's hammered by people refreshing in the hopes of pre-ordering a system. (It's now redirecting visitors to the website of ThinkGeek, which GameStop owns, and not offering any easy way to refresh GameStop's homepage.) But it's also announced on Twitter that it will be taking orders in its physical stores. Given the limited quantities that are sure to be available, however, you still may not have any luck that way. Several stores we checked with were unsure of how many units they would receive and, as a result, said they were not yet taking pre-orders.

We managed to get to a GameStop store in LA that had them in stock, only to find out that it was only offering bundles. One bundle costs $120 and comes with the Playing With Super Power paperback book and an extra, third-party controller. The controller, in particular, is a curious inclusion given that the SNES Classic already comes with two controllers. Other options ranged in price up to $190 for a bundle with a hardcover book, wireless third-party controller, and other unrelated physical items (like a puzzle). Similar bundles are also now being sold online on ThinkGeek's website.

Both Best Buy and Amazon brought SNES Classic pre-orders online overnight--and despite the hour, they sold out quickly. Walmart and Target followed during the day today, and those have also disappeared. Toys R Us is also expected to offer pre-orders at some point, possibly in the near future.

We'll continue to update out SNES Classic pre-order guide with the latest details on availability. It's unclear if additional pre-orders will be offered from these retailers before launch on September 29. Nintendo has said it will only offer the system during 2017, but it claims it will offer far more units than it did of the hard-to-find NES Classic Edition.

The SNES Classic consists of 21 games, including the never-released Star Fox 2. It also has a newly revealed Rewind feature that allows you to replay a portion of a game. We got our hands on one recently and were sure to compare its size with the original SNES and a banana, among other things.

This story has been updated.

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