SNES Classic Gets 90s-Inspired Retro Trailer Showing Off New Features

Nintendo doubles down on the retro vibes for Super Nintendo fans in its latest trailer for the SNES Classic.


Just as some US pre-orders sold out overnight, Nintendo released a new retro-inspired trailer for the SNES Classic--and if you're a Super Nintendo fan it's probably going to make you want one. The trailer, which is reminiscent of 1990s Super Nintendo commercials, shows off the system's size, controllers, and many of the 21 classic games that come with it. Check out the trailer above.

You can also see some of the SNES Classic's new features further on in the trailer: the Rewind feature allows you to replay a part of your game, and Suspend Points let you take a break without closing the game, saving at any time.

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US pre-orders for the SNES Classic went live on Amazon and Best Buy overnight, but sold out quickly. GameStop, Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us are all slated to offer pre-orders for the system, but haven't starting offering them yet (they are supposed to start this month). Nintendo has promised it will offer far more units than it did last year, when it launched the tough-to-get NES Classic.

The SNES Classic will cost $80, and you can get the latest need-to-know details in our constantly updated guide on how and where to pre-order the SNES Classic. The system officially launches on September 29.

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