SNES Classic Edition Buyer's Guide: GameStop, ThinkGeek Announce New Stock

Here's the latest on how, where, and when to buy Nintendo's new micro console.

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October 10: GameStop and ThinkGeek are both receiving more SNES Classic Editions. They'll be sold individually in stores beginning today, while bundles and standalone units will go on sale online on October 11. Specifics regarding the bundles were not shared, and it may take a day or two for retail stores to actually begin selling their micro consoles.

October 5: The SNES Classic Edition sold out at release as expected, and prices were high on Ebay, but Nintendo has insisted the system will be easier to get than the NES Classic. Your next opportunity to get one is now here, as GameStop has the micro console in stock on its website right now. As always, there's no telling how long it will last, so act fast if you're interested. [Update: It looks to now be out stock, but it may be worth refreshing the page today just in case.] We'll report back as the system comes back in stock at GameStop and elsewhere. In the meantime, check out our SNES Classic review.

September 28: The SNES Classic Edition's release is finally upon us. Fortunately, it looks as if you'll have an opportunity to purchase one on launch day (September 29) even if you weren't able to secure a pre-order. Nintendo has urged fans not to pay more than retail price and announced plans to extend availability into 2018 (it was originally only supposed to ship during 2017). But even on launch day, at least some stores will have them in stock.

Already, we've heard that GameStop and its subsidiary ThinkGeek will have SNES Classic Editions for sale. Best Buy will also have them--albeit only in its physical stores--and Toys R Us will, too. Although they haven't announced specific plans, you can count on Walmart and Target having them as well. Wherever you choose to try picking one up, just be aware that you may need to show up early. Best Buy recommended as much and said it will distribute tickets to those in line if necessary. While your odds of eventually getting one seem good, NES Classic Edition's supply issues may drive up demand for the new system in the short-term.

If you're wondering if it's even worth all the fuss, check out our SNES Classic Edition review. For even more information, head over to our guide to the SNES Classic Edition.

September 12: While pre-orders themselves may not be any easier to get, Nintendo has provided some encouraging news for those hoping to purchase an SNES Classic Edition. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently implored people not to pay more than regular price for the console. Now, the company has announced that the SNES Classic will continue to be sold into 2018, and not just in 2017 as previously planned. (The NES Classic is also coming back.) On launch day in the US specifically, Nintendo said that "more units of Super NES Classic Edition will ship ... than were shipped of NES Classic Edition all last year, with subsequent shipments arriving in stores regularly." This is still no guarantee that you'll easily get one, but things are looking better now than they did.

August 31: Walmart has begun contacting certain customers to notify them of canceled SNES Classic pre-orders. Based on reports from NeoGAF and Reddit, this only appears to affect those who ordered more than one unit, and it seems only the additional orders have been canceled. (We at GameSpot have also received such a cancelation notice, reducing an order for two units down to one.) There's no official word on this yet, but it's possible this move could free up additional units for pre-order.

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August 25 update 2: The SNES Classic Edition is back in stock at Walmart right now. It likely won't last long, so be sure to jump on it quickly if you're interested. This may be one of the last opportunities to pre-order the system prior to its launch in late September.

August 25: A number of Amazon pre-order customers have been notified that they may not receive their order on time. It's unclear how long the hold-up will last or what the problem is, but affected users have been sent an email notifying them of the potential delay. The retailer states that everyone who pre-ordered the system will eventually get their hands on one.

August 23: GameStop is officially sold out of SNES Classic Editions online, and it appears to be gone at most (if not all) of its physical stores, too. The retailer has said it will have more SNES Classics available for walk-ins at its stores on launch day, although it's unclear how easy it will be to get one. Meanwhile, SNES Classic prices have skyrocketed on Ebay. Some people had success ordering systems from Target after it looked as if they were all gone, so it's not inconceivable that routinely checking out the US retailer links below will be fruitful. We'll continue to update this story as more pre-order opportunities become available, but there's no guarantee that there will be many more chances to buy one in advance of launch--at least at retail price.

August 22 update 6: Toys R Us has announced on Twitter that it will not offer pre-orders. Instead, it will be available in stores beginning on launch day, September 29. This comes as a surprise, as Toys R Us was among the retailers that Nintendo listed on its official website as offering pre-orders.

August 22 update 5: Amazingly, the expensive bundles at ThinkGeek have sold out. GameStop's website returned online this afternoon with the SNES Classic and bundles available, but heavy traffic brought it offline. As was the case earlier, it's again redirecting visitors to ThinkGeek.

August 22 update 4: Just as GameStop is offering some pricey bundles in stores, its subsidiary, ThinkGeek, is now selling the system online. Its website offers seven different bundles, ranging from $140 to a whopping $330.

August 22 update 3: Walmart and Target pre-orders are indeed gone, at least for now. GameStop's website has been taken offline, but it's taking pre-orders in its physical stores. There's still no word on Toys R Us pre-orders.

August 22 update 2: Walmart pre-orders have gone live and seemingly sold out almost right away. Target pre-orders are live but the site seems to be having trouble, and it may also be gone. Likewise, GameStop's website is slow to load, but you might be able to get an order in. Separately, GameStop announced on Twitter that it's offering in-store pre-orders right now.

August 22 update: Amazon and Best Buy both briefly offered SNES Classic units in the very early US morning hours today. It came in and out of stock at Best Buy for a period of time, but for now, it appears both retailers are sold out. That said, it looks as if more stores will soon launch SNES Classic pre-orders.

Those in Canada will soon be able to pre-order a SNES Classic from Best Buy. The store has announced that pre-orders go live at approximately 10 AM PT today, so you'll want to start mashing F5 on its website around then. It will not be available in Quebec.

August 17 update: The previously available Walmart pre-orders were ultimately canceled in the US. Nintendo has since revealed that SNES Classic pre-orders should arrive in the US by the end of August. We don't yet know when they will go up for sale exactly, but you can check out the store listings at some major retailers through the links below. With the end of the month fast approaching, we should have more details soon.

July 21 update: For the first time, the SNES Classic has come up for pre-order in the United States. It's unclear how long it will last for, but Walmart is offering the system here.

Update: Those in the UK may have missed at least their first chance to pre-order from certain retailers, but Nintendo's online store has the SNES Classic available as of this writing.

Original Story: Nintendo announced the SNES Classic today. A miniature version of the classic Nintendo console, the $80 system that comes with 21 games and two controllers launches in the US in September. Given that last year's NES Classic sold out basically instantly everywhere it was sold, fans might be wondering how they can secure the SNES Classic right away.

US retailers are not yet widely accepting pre-orders, but in Australia, you can secure a pre-order right now through JB Hi Fi and EB Games. The console sells for $120 in Australia and it looks a little different than the North American edition.

UK retailer Game announced today that pre-orders were available for the SNES Classic, but at press time it appears that the allocated units have been sold through.

In the US, Amazon has a page up for the SNES Classic, as does Best Buy, but you cannot actually pre-order the system there as of yet. We will update this post as more retailers open pre-orders for the SNES Classic. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest.

The Super NES Classic Edition features a total of 21 games, including some huge names--EarthBound, Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Mario World are among those included. But most notable of all is the inclusion of a game--Star Fox 2--that was famously never released. Here's the complete list:

  • Contra III: The Alien Wars
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • EarthBound
  • Final Fantasy III
  • F-Zero
  • Kirby Super Star
  • Kirby's Dream Course
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • Mega Man X
  • Secret of Mana
  • Star Fox
  • Star Fox 2
  • Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
  • Super Castlevania IV
  • Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
  • Super Mario Kart
  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  • Super Mario World
  • Super Metroid
  • Super Punch-Out
  • Yoshi's Island

As with the NES Classic Edition, the SNES Classic features HDMI output and resembles the look of the system it's based on but in a smaller form factor. But unlike that system, it comes with two controllers in the box.

On the subject of supply, while Nintendo isn't sharing specific numbers, it did say it will deliver "significantly more" units than it did with the NES Classic Edition. That said, it only plans to ship the system between September and the end of 2017.

In Japan, Nintendo is selling the console as the Super Famicom Classic--and its game lineup is not the same as in the rest of the world.

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Avatar image for daatx

I just got one from Target about 10 minutes ago, 3:40pm mountain time. They were gone when I check a few minutes later.

Avatar image for speedytimsi

@daatx: Same around it in the last preorder slip b4 they stopped taking preorderes.

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Had it in my cart, then the website's traffic made me lose it, Fantastic! There goes that System as well. This horseshit marketing from Nintendo needs to end.

Avatar image for CTBradums

So, color me frustrated.

A few weeks back, when Thinkgeek got the NES Classics, I machine-gunned each bundle's page at work to find one that was in stock. First few cheaper options? Out of stock. Fine. The Mega Man helmet/buster bundle was in stock! Add it to my cart, go to pay...and Thinkgeek's site freezes on me. Try on my phone (cell connection rather than PC's connection, just in case), same thing. Forces me to log back in, and bam...out of stock on every bundle that was just in stock...including the one that I already had in my cart. Not thrilled about that.

Fast forward to today...same thing. Open each bundle's page to find one in stock, find the helmet/buster bundle, go to put it in my cart...and the page freezes. Try it on my phone, same freezes. Reload, try again, still in freezes again. Now...they're all out of stock.

I lost out on both systems because Thinkgeek's site apparently decided I'm not allowed to buy either console.

Avatar image for ryfter

ThinkGeek is completely out now too. *sigh*

Avatar image for utopia6

Went to 3 gamestop physical stores around a mall 5 minutes away immediately after the initial announcement. All 3 had 5-6 pre-orders, that were gone immediately. That is it. Nintendo states there will be more available, yet it is looking as if the first batch of available systems is going to be LESS than the NES classic. Another "classic" Nintendo screw job. Leave all the scalpers high and dry this Christmas people.

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I'm trying to track these with and it has be ABSOLUTELY NO HELP!

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@JustPlainLucas: Nowinstock has been really bad since the amiibo craze. Try zoolert or use reddit & cheapassgamer forums because they are way more accurate

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@speedytimsi: On the 14th Sept had pre-orders arrive at 7am... crap a$$ nowinstock didnt email me till 12:30 pm and they were gone hours before that. Thanks, what a shite website.

Avatar image for speedytimsi

Target went up and sold out in less than a minute

Avatar image for speedytimsi

Walmart went up and sold out in less than a minute...

Avatar image for utopia6

I called Amazon because I have an alert set up on the page for Gamespots link for Amazon. It isn't even a valid link for systems Amazon is going to be selling. If you look low on the page, the product description state "Pre-ordered and shipping was confirmed. Will ship on Sept. 29th. Prior to buying the SNES, I have successfully shipped several NES Classic Editions". This isn't even an Amazon description. Shame on Gamespot. Amazon confirmed this is an invalid listing on their site, and will be removed. Also, she confirmed the SNES classic system WAS NOT available through Amazon early this morning as Gamespot is stating. FAKE NEWS!! Shame on you Gamespot!!! Are you getting cuts under the table from Nintendo to fuel false hype or something??

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@utopia6: Amazon did take preorders last night, under a separate listing than the one linked to in this article. Whoever you talked to at Amazon just fed you a line...

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@utopia6 once again...... Gamespot -- the CNN of video game fake news.

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How are these people even alerted to the new stock that sells out so quick? I have alerts set, but clearly not enough time passed with systems in stock to send me a notice.

I can't imagine people are sitting at their computer at all hours refreshing the product page... right?

Avatar image for edt89

@KennyKB: They created scalper bots. Scalper bots automatically refresh / buy the product faster than any human being could ever hope to. It's why they sold out in literally minutes and it's total BS. Nintendo has to A) raise production on these units B) raise the price so that this black market correction isn't happening. The system should realistically probably be about $150-$200 and if it was the scalping would at least be lower. C) Stop dicking their loyal Western consumer base. Nobody is hearing about these problems in Japan. Nintendo likes to pretend as if they can't fulfill stock yet they pump out a billion amiibos when it suits's BS. They're going to ruin the N64 classic mini launch when it inevitably happens too. The SNES classic releases on my birthday and now the thought of having to wait in lines at storefronts that morning seems like a horrible likelihood.

Avatar image for edt89

@lonesamurai1: Star Fox 2 is arguably worth the MSRP admission price alone for some people. If you don't understand the attraction of a CLASSIC MINI then you probably didn't grow up playing these games. The NES /SNES /N64 eras were absolutely golden and very few games have managed to surpass the level of creativity that went into these games. Nintendo at the time could basically do no wrong. A far cry from the shyster con artists they've since exposed themselves to be.

Avatar image for aross2004

@lonesamurai1: It's tiny, not much clutter really.

Avatar image for utopia6

BS GAMESPOT!!!! I have the SNES classic page on Amazon set up to email me the moment they are for sale. I didn't receive an email at all so it never was available as you say. Stop spreading FAKE news!!!!

Avatar image for aross2004

@utopia6: Umm, it was up on Amazon for a short time last night. You really shouldn't rely on those Amazon email notifications for hot items. If the item sells out quick, you'll never get a notification at all.

Avatar image for utopia6

@aross2004:I just got off the phone with Amazon themselves. They confirmed it was never live for pre-order. That link Gamespot posted for Amazon is a 3rd party sellers link, and NOT for systems sold by/through Amazon LLC. The product description lower on the page states "I've successfully sold several NES classics". You really think that would be an Amazon LLC description? Amazon confirmed it is an invalid listing, and will be taken down shortly. You want to rely on a bogus listing? Go ahead. Its fake. Call them yourselves.

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@utopia6: Good to know Amazon hasn't gone live yet. I too thought, WTF Amazon, I didn't even get notified. GS needs to get their shit together. >_>

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@utopia6: No need, I got mine off Best Buy :)

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Why even comment on my post than? Hope the Best Buy orders get cancelled for people like you same as Wal Mart did. I'm actually trying to help people stay clear of the false info. You are only fueling it. It hasn't been made available through Amazon, and never was. Period.

Avatar image for aross2004

@utopia6: Actually, my homeboy texted me last night at almost the exact same time I was pre-ordering mine off Best Buy and indicated he got a reserve in on Amazon.

I see no reason why he would make that up, (he was telling me to run out there and put in a preorder).

So someone is definitely misinformed here. No need to cry about it.

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Nintendo fanboys remind me so much of abused spouse's who keep coming back for more because "this time it will be different".

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@inkman66: Like an abused spouse sometimes it's hard to leave because the loving is so good. ;)

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They're back on BB right now!

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Got mine from Best Buy...

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Just ordered a couple from Best Buy.

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This keeps showing as "updated" Do you really have to "update" it every other day but yet with no real updates in over a week.

This is the 3rd or 4th time I have opened this for an update but nothing. I am sure when you have a real update I won't even come back because I will feel it's just another trick.

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How to pre-order a sharp stick in the eye.

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This article is like the story of the boy who cried wolf.

Gamespot, if you keep posting these "updates" your audience will eventually take the article with a massive grain of salt, be patient and wait for actual information regarding preorders, then post something.

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Don't need it, already played these games back in the day. Had it's place and time, but now it's 2017.

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I swear; one of these days I'll stop clicking on this article...

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An update of an update just to say that preorders "should" be open soon.

The fact Gamespot even let you publish something as bad as this should tell you how much they have fallen as a game site. Been bad for over a decade.

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LOL... I like that part where the Aug "17th" update was simply updating the "3" to a "17".

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@Pyrosa: i don't feel so bad for using adblock now.

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@ChldsPlay: I as well. How the **** does Eddie still have a job?

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Gamespot ...... the CNN of fake gaming news.

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August 17 update, we still know fuckall. Thank you for continuously falling for the bait, the resellers will buy everything up before we issue our report anyway.

GameSpot should do us all a favor and replace the retail links with a link to ebay instead.