SNES Classic: Analysts Weigh In And Suggest N64 Classic Could Be Next

"The news of the SNES Classic is another high note."


Nintendo confirmed rumours today and officially announced the SNES Classic. The mini version of the famous classic console, the $80 SNES Classic launches this September, bundled with 21 games (including a previously unreleased one) and two controllers. The NES Classic last year was a big hit, so the SNES Classic is no surprise. Now, analysts have weighed in on how the plug-and-play console could help Nintendo's fortunes, while one believes an N64 Classic could be next.

SuperData Research CEO Joost Van Dreunen said the announcement today of the SNES Classic is "another high note" for Nintendo, following all the news at E3.

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"Nintendo has been on an upswing and quickly rebuilding its credibility among investors," he explained in a statement. "After stealing the show at E3 with the release slate for the Switch, the news of the SNES Classic is another high note. I doubt that neither the $80 price point or the exact composition of the games will provide further motivation or deterrence for consumers in the slightest: enthusiasm around Nintendo and its brand is back on the up-and-up, and we expect to see long lines when the new device drops."

The NES Classic was tremendously successful but it faced supply shortages, frustrating fans in the process. For the SNES Classic, Nintendo has already said it will produce "significantly" more units, though shipments will end in 2017.

Patrick Joynt, the vice president of global consulting firm Magid, said in a statement that Nintendo will be able to sell as many SNES Classic units as it can get on store shelves. He added that he believes Nintendo will replenish NES and SNES Classic units before moving on to an N64 Classic console later on. That would be exciting, indeed.

As with the NES Classic Edition, the SNES Classic features HDMI output and resembles the look of the system it's based on but in a smaller form factor. But unlike that system, it comes with two controllers in the box. It launches on September 29, priced at $80.

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