Sneezies, Ghost Mania arrive on WiiWare

Nintendo Store Update: Console rings in new year with chain-reaction sneezing title, colorful puzzle game, Robox demo on download space; DSiWare gets Music On: Drums, Word Searcher 2, and Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology.

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The calendar has flipped from 2010 to 2011, and Nintendo has added the first DSiWare and WiiWare titles of the new year to its download space. Out this week are five new titles spanning both download hubs as well as one free sampler.

Leading the charge this week is Chillingo's Sneezies (500 Wii points, or $5). The title has players using the Wii Remote to flick packets of sneezing powder on the game's critters, the sneezies. Doing so frees the creatures and offers the possibility of chain-reaction combinations. The title boasts 60 levels split across Classic and Challenge modes.

The iOS game Sneezies has found its way to the DSi.
The iOS game Sneezies has found its way to the DSi.

Also out now is Ghost Mania (500 Wii points, or $5). From Legendo Entertainment, the falling block puzzle title sees gamers building and expanding piles of blocks in an attempt to wrangle lost ghosts. The title sports "multiple" single-player and multiplayer experiences, including Puzzle mode, Arcade mode, and the two-player modes Enduro and Battle.

Gamers looking to try before they buy this week can download a free demo for DreamBox Games' Robox. The title thrusts players into the figurative shoes of an exploratory probe sent to a bizarre planet looking for his missing mechanical pieces.

Switching to DSiWare, Nintendo added three new titles to the portable download hub today, the first of which is Music On: Drums (500 DSi points, or $5). From Abylight, the game lets users create their own recordings. The title comes with 160 distinct sounds that users can splice together however they see fit. Further, the game lets users record up to 64 songs and boasts a mode for more advanced users where details like volume, frequency, and panning can be manipulated.

Also out on DSiWare today is Word Searcher 2 (500 DSi points, or $5). The Digital Leisure-developed game comes with 100 themed word-search puzzles to work through. The title boasts multiple themed categories, including pirates, palindromes, and painting. Additionally, the game automatically scrambles words on each play-through.

The last DSiWare title out today is Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology (200 DSi points, or $2). From Sabarasa, the compilation title includes three of indie game designer Rohrer's titles: Passage, Gravitation, and Between.

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