Snapchat Clues Point to Black Ops 3 Reveal

Video hints at impending reveal for the next Call of Duty title.


Call of Duty fans are following a breadcrumb trail of clues which is expected to lead up to the formal reveal of Black Ops 3.

On Monday, an unexpected update to the console editions of Black Ops 2 was deployed, but it appeared at first to make no noticeable changes to the popular first-person shooter. Players discovered, however, that a strange symbol had been covertly added onto in-game posters found within the multiplayer maps.

These images, as documented in the YouTube video above, are Snapchat friend request codes. When activated, these codes lead to a peculiar video that people speculate is somehow related to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

As shown below, the ten-second video features a blinking eye, a shadowy woodland area, and finally a solitary tree standing within plains of snow. Some players have noticed, though it may be a coincidence, that the shadow cast by the woodland trees creates a sunlight-silhouette of the roman numeral III.

In February, Activision said it expects to release a Call of Duty game this fall, and confirmed that the project is in development at Black Ops studio Treyarch.

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