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Snag 10 Epic Strategy Games And Expansions For Only $20

The deal offers numerous PC strategy titles and DLC packs for as little as $2 per game.


Fanatical's new Tabletop Wargame Bundle lets you build your own collection of epic strategy PC games for as low as $2 per game. Each of the titles on offer is based on large-scale tabletop-style wargames--hence the bundle's name--and let you wage battles in various settings like ancient Rome, Sengoku-era Japan, high fantasy, and more.

Fanatical's Tabletop Wargame Bundle has five games and 21 DLC packs to choose from, and your total savings depend on how many you add to your bundle. The base games are Field of Glory: Empires, Field of Glory II, Field of Glory II: Medieval, Fantasy General II: Invasion, and Sengoku Jidai: Shadow of the Shogun. The rest of the content includes paid DLC for all five titles that add extra units, factions, single-player campaigns, and more.

The deal starts at $10 for four games or DLC packs, which equals $2.50 per item. If you add at least seven items, the price drops to $2.14 per key. At 10 or more games, it drops to just $2 per item. If you want, you can add the entire 26 available games and DLC packs to your bundle for $52 total. That equates to a $439 value. All bundles also get a 5%-off coupon to use on a future Fanatical order.

You can check out the Tabletop Wargram Bundle and all the content available on its Fanatical store page. The bundle is available until June 13. All games are delivered as game keys redeemable via Steam.

While you are at Fanatical, you should also take a second to check out the retailer's other bundle deals, like this month's Prestige Collection, which includes a bunch of games like Fallout 4 GOTY, Devil May Cry 5, and the massive 14-game Star Wars collection, for as low as $7 per game.

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