Smuggler's Run Preview

Anyone who's ever fantasized about being a smuggler will get their chance to carry contraband over a border and outrun The Man in Smuggler's Run.


Rockstar Games recently announced that it is developing Midnight Club: Street Racing and Smuggler's Run for the Sony PlayStation2 in conjunction with Angel Studios.

Originally known as Getaway, the game is an open racing game in which players must deliver contraband across borders while being chased by the police and perform other smuggling operations. Set in a variety of rural environments, the game has a physics engine that re-creates for players the speed and sensations of driving across the country and through farms, fences, and forests as they try to outrun a variety of enemies. The game also supports nonplayer characters, which the player can use to distract and attack his pursuers.

Smuggler's Run for the Sony PlayStation2 is scheduled for a release this fall.

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