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Smithsonian games exhibit draws 686,000 attendees

Six-month run for "The Art of Video Games" attraction at Washington, DC museum closes with attendance north of half-a-million.


The Smithsonian American Art Museum's "Art of Video Games" exhibit has proven popular. Curator Chris Melissinos revealed through Twitter recently that 686,406 people ventured to the Washington, DC attraction during its six-month run. The exhibit opened in March and closed last week.

The Smithsonian's gaming exhibit is now closed.
The Smithsonian's gaming exhibit is now closed.

"The Art of Video Games" highlighted the evolution of the medium in the last 40 years. Its celebratory opening weekend featured discussions with industry founding father Nolan Bushnell and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima.

On display at the exhibit were 80 games (voted on by the public and an advisory board) that demonstrated the evolution of the industry. Galleries included images and gameplay of these titles, as well as video interviews with developers and artists.

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