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Smite's Strategy/Card Game Spinoff Enters Closed Beta Today

Gain immediate access to the beta by purchasing a Founder's Pack.


Hi-Rez Studios announced today at Hi-Rez Expo 2017 that its turn-based strategy game Smite Tactics has entered closed beta, replacing the alpha that launched in November.

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Not to be confused with the recently announced Smite Rivals, Smite Tactics is a deck-building game, which asks players to create decks of gods and creatures used to battle against a single opponent. At first blush, the cards from Tactics looks similar to other collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone, with hit points and attack damage values presented with the traditional red and green circles on the bottom corners of the cards. Where it differs, is when cards are played they appear on a 3D and heavily stylized board, which is where battles take place. Having been spawned into the environment, a character can then be used to move, attack, or use special abilities, with the goal of reducing the opposing player's primary god's hitpoints to zero.

"We're thrilled to bring Smite Tactics to Closed beta today," said executive producer, Scott Zier. "As shown with our previous games, Hi-Rez believes in working closely with its gaming communities to quickly evolve and improve its games during a very transparent beta. We look forward to hearing players' feedback and incorporating it rapidly into the game."

The closed beta adds a full tutorial, and a single-player campaign that unlocks access to the Norse and Egyptian pantheons.

Players can get access to the closed beta by picking up a Founder's Pack from the Smite Tactics website, netting themselves 15 card packs, an exclusive player icon, and a set of legendary cards featuring the Greek goddess, Enyo. Players of Hi-Rez's popular MOBA Smite will also unlock an Enyo skin for Bellona, and a limited loading frame. The Founder's pack is currently available at a 25% discount in celebration of Hi-Rez Expo, bringing it down to USD$15.

Smite Tactics is PC-only for now, but is also optimized for controllers, which leaves the door open for a potential console release in the future.

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