Smite's Next PS4/Xbox One Patch Will Add 60 FPS Option

"You will need to lower your sensitivity though because it's fast."


The next console update to multiplayer shooter Smite will introduce the option to switch to 60 frames per second, developer Hi-Rez Studios has announced. According to a Twitter post by game designer Scott Lussier, the update is being submitted to Microsoft and Sony on March 5.

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"I'm pumped for you all to get your hands on the 60FPS for console smite," he said. "You will need to lower your sensitivity though because it's fast.

"You will be able to opt into 60 FPS in the next console patch (we submit tomorrow)," he said in a separate tweet.

Smite's gameplay draws heavy inspiration from popular MOBA such as Riot's League of Legends and Valve's DotA 2. It allows players to select a god or other mythological figure, but gameplay is from a third-person perspective, instead of the isometric view of the aforementioned.

The last Smite update was released on March 16 and introduced a new character called Raijin, who debuted on PC in February. Raijin, the Master of Thunder, is a mage who is surrounded by drums that build up charges as he lands abilities and basic attacks. When all four are charged up, his next ability does bonus damage.

Also in update 3.3 are new skins. This includes Chaacolate Chaac (a chocolate easter bunny version of Chaac who wields a giant Peep weapon) and Reaper Tech Thanatos (a sort of Gundam-looking skin). Further skins are available as part of the new season ticket.

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