Smite's 7.8 Update Introduces The God Of The Moon

Tsukuyomi has arrived as the vengeful seventh god in Smite's Japanese pantheon.


Smite's newest hero, The God of the Moon Tsukuyomi, arrives today in the game's 7.8 update. This Assassin class character was revealed this past July in a brief cinematic trailer, and is both the MOBA's 111th playable character and the seventh god hailing from the Japanese pantheon.

While Tsukuyomi's IRL lore is a bit scant, the Smite devs have focused their energy on keeping his personality in line with how he was depicted in mythology. Tsukuyomi is a proponent of proper etiquette, obeying authority, and maintaining order, and he takes slights very seriously. He is imperious, and his dispensing of swift and extreme punishment for perceived disrespect is a core part of his character. Him killing food goddess Uke Mochi over a perceived slight even contributed to his falling out with his sun goddess sister, Amaterasu.

In keeping with his serious demeanor and desire for order, Tsukuyomi's combat style is meant to quickly take control of a situation. Unlike other Assassin characters, Tsukuyomi can use ranged attacks, and his twin Tonfa, Shingetsu and Mangetsu, are built to deliver quick, decisive blows from the shadows. He is merciless and efficient in everything he does, in line with his Ninja Master inspirations. With the chaos god Cthulhu on the scene after the 7.6 update, Tsukuyomi has a new mission and a new opportunity to claim even greater power amongst the gods.

As the embodiment of disorder is now wreaking havoc on the world and giving all the gods a pretty epic headache to deal with, Tsukuyomi's devious plan is to use Cthulhu's rise as a distraction for his own machinations. With Amaterasu otherwise occupied, the God of the Moon plans to take this opportunity to strike back at his sister and take his vengeance. Will he succeed in his coup while the Japanese pantheon is at its weakest? You'll have to play to find out.

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