Smite Xbox One Patch Adds New Character, Skins, and More Today

Enter Xing Tian.


The Xbox One version of Smite's latest patch arrives today, with the most significant addition being a new character.

Xing Tian is a Guardian-class character who is able to build up his health regeneration by using abilities on enemies. He can also reduce the amount of damage enemies can do and grab a group of them with his Ultimate.

Xing Tian
Xing Tian

A number of new skins are also introduced in this update, including an excellent-looking samurai one for Odin, the Ragnarok skin for Fenrir, mastery skins for Ratatoskr, and more.

The spectator mode added in the previous patch has been improved in today's update, making it so matches can be password-protected. Games also now have match IDs that can be used to directly access replays of them.

The new training maps added to the PC version of Smite in August are now available on Xbox One, giving new players some additional assistance in learning the game.

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Several characters have been modified, too. Khepri, the most recent character added before Xing Tian, has been further nerfed, while Kumbhakarna should now be more effective. Guan Yu has also been slightly improved (his trait now builds up stacks) and the cooldown on his dash has been reduced, while the damage on some of Ao Kuang's abilities has been readjusted to make him easier to play for less experienced players.

You can check out the full patch notes on the official Smite website.

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