Smite 3.9 Patch Reworks a Character and Kicks Off the Viking Invasion Event

Ratatoskr gets some key changes.


The details of Smite's new 3.9 update have been revealed, and they center around a new event and a character rework.

Ratatoskr is the latest character to get overhauled. While the basic overview is similar to what it was previously, the particulars have changed in meaningful ways. Maybe most notably, his dash, Dart, now goes on cooldown whenever it's used. This is a big change from the way it is now, where hitting an enemy with Dart that you haven't used it on recently allows you to immediately use it again. You can, however, reduce this by hitting enemy gods with his other basic abilities.

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Flurry also sounds similar, doing damage in an area, but it now reduces the physical protections of enemies hit. It doesn't, however, allow for the damage area to follow Ratatoskr, as is currently the case. Additionally, his Acorn Blast cone attack now does additional damage to enemies who are hit by multiple acorns, and it stuns enemies for one second if they're hit by all three.

Many of the new skins in this update are viking-themed, and that's because they come as part of the new Viking Invasion event. A special bundle for the event grants access to several skins, a loading frame, and more, in addition to a Viking Invasion questline. These quests offer access to two limited skins (one for Chaac and one for Kali), bonus Favor, and two Viking chests (each containing a guaranteed skin for a Norse god).

Along with new achievements and OS X support (something that's in beta for the time being), there are a few balance changes of note. Mystical Mail now costs less and offers more protection, while Soul Eater provides more health per stack when activated--and, more importantly, it only activates when you drop below 25 percent health, rather than 50. Poseidon's Tidal Surge and Whirlpool both cost less mana and use up less of his Tidal meter, while Cupid's Ultimate now casts immediately, preventing it from being interrupted.

You can see the full patch notes for the 3.9 update, which launches on May 24, here.

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