Smash Cars peels out in PSN update

RC racer arrives with Bloody Roar and Warriors Orochi; Andy Dick in Pain, BlazBlue charges for downloadable colors.


While this week's PlayStation Network update features a trio of games for the PlayStation 3 and PSP, those titles are in danger of being upstaged by an assortment of notable downloadable content.

Smash Cars work better on sand than real RC cars.
Smash Cars work better on sand than real RC cars.

Starting with the full games, PS3 owners can pick up Smash Cars for $14.99. Developed by Tik Games and Creat Studios, the game is a follow-up to the latter developer's 2003 budget PlayStation 2 game of the same name. As in the original game, the new Smash Cars is an arcade-style radio-controlled racing game with an emphasis on stunts. Players earn points not only by winning the race, but also by performing stunts, interacting with obstacles along the courses, swapping paint with other racers, and skillfully drifting around corners.

Over on the PSP, Koei is prepping gamers for this month's launch of Dynasty/Samurai Warriors spin-off Warriors Orochi 2 with a downloadable release of the original Warriors Orochi for $14.99. Both the PS3 and PSP storefronts will also be getting a new PlayStation Original title in Bloody Roar ($4.99), Eighting's 1997 3D fighter featuring brawlers who transform into a variety of were-creatures.

Moving to the potpourri collection of other content, PS3 owners can download demos of WWII dogfighter IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey and the adventure game Mini Ninjas, from IO Interactive (creators of Hitman). However, it's in the add-ons for existing games where things get unusual.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee ($1.99), owners of the sadistic rag-doll game Pain will be able to take out their aggressions on comedian Andy Dick (NewsRadio, The Ben Stiller Show). Dick joins David Hasselhoff (Baywatch, Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as real-life additions to the Pain roster.

Meanwhile, Capcom's Street Fighter franchise gets cross promotional with Zen Pinball. Would-be wizards can download the Street Fighter II Tribute Table for the pinball sim for $2.49. The table was previously released for developer Zen Studio's Xbox 360 game Pinball FX, making this the first time the same downloadable content has been made available for two games exclusive to different consoles. Speaking of Capcom, the publisher has a collection of 10 remixed music tracks from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 now available to download for free.

In other fighting game downloadable content, Arc System Works' BlazBlue is getting an array of add-ons. Players can now unlock "Unlimited" versions of playable characters Hakumen, Rachel, V-13, and Ragna for $0.99 each, although they can all be earned in the course of normal play as well. Additionally, those bored of the look of the default roster can now purchase additional colors for their costumes. For $4.99, gamers can get four additional colors for each of the game's dozen default fighters, although publisher Aksys Games is also offering the option to download the colors in three separate packs (four characters to a pack), available for $1.99 each.

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Avatar image for Blackbird34

Smash Cars? Seriously? I wish they would hurry up and release TMNT: Re-shelled, Dead Nation, and Pixeljunk Shooter.

Avatar image for royal7thguy

no offence to anyone but i need help to decide to do with my $10.64 on PSN and bloddy roar is $5.99.

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OH MY GOD!!! YES!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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@ iiIsSueZ they should make CTR online play :D..that would be the best thing ever since well CTR came out

Avatar image for iiIsSueZ

@ Jakass13 CTR is on the European Playstation Store. And yes, it was one of the best games ever made.

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PSN says Bloody Roar is $5.99

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fat princes is hard to play the tutorial isn't all good

Avatar image for CyleM

when are we getting TMNT Turtles in Time: ReShelled?

Avatar image for thekey

Bloody roar for $5 I'm in there like swimware!!!!

Avatar image for kamizuka

they should totally remake other Ps1 games to

Avatar image for AngelCage-2

Bloody roar for 5 bucks?? and there's my firts PSN download this saturday when i will go to buy my shynny and now less expensive PS3... Great! In other news... if i have that Pain game.... i could be very excited to be abble to beat Hasselhoff 's bottom to death!!!!!!!

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Id rather see micro machines on psn

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they should put ctr on psn it was one of the best playstation 1 games evr

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$5 for Bloody Roar? Sold.

Avatar image for HavQ-san

Bloody Roar's been on the Japanese PSN for ages, I wonder what took it so damn long to reach the West. What I'd really like on Western PSN is Chocobo Racing. That one was the best PS racer right after CTR.:P

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Bloody Roar..oh that was a good game then. Shen Long i believe was the character i used. Hmmm...nostalgia

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I must admit I almost bought those extra colors but then I was like "Whoa, Loveless!? Who is this fool buying this!?" Don't even get me started on the unlimited characters, all it takes is a run through on very easy arcade mode. Even a GIRL could do it or at least my sister. No offense ladies.

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@ hazelnutman what icecream sandwich costs 4$ ?!!??!?! facepalm @ you. Go for a super sized blizzard with real girlscouts in it!

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Bloody Roar for 5 bucks? Not bad...needs a SEQUEL though! Sure, the fighting isn't really that good, but with some love and care (time and money) they could really make a great fighter! Bring on BR5!

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i watched sonys E3 this year. and this was the only psn game i said: cant wait to play that game.

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Facepalm @ buying unlimited characters in BlazBlue. Seriously, it's like one 7-10 minute playthrough of the arcade mode to unlock an unlimited character. That's 4 bucks + tax you can save for an ice-cream sandwich.

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Bloody Roar was actually a decent fighter. BR2 was even better. For $5, that's definitely worth a look, especially for the kiddies who were old enough yet when the game was released years ago in 1997. Paying money to have color outfits is just stupid. That additional content should have been unlockable through playing the game. Arc System Work should be ashame of themselves trying to milk money from gamers for there fighter.

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Bloody Roar!?!?! i might just get that i have only the 2nd one and i love it