Smash Cars boosts upcoming PSN lineup

PS3 download store to welcome Creat Studios' RC racer by end of June; PixelJunk Eden Encore blooms in April.


The number of console-exclusive games in stores may be on the decline this generation, but the three major systems have greatly divergent lineups on their downloadable-game services. Sony is continuing to bolster its lineup of PlayStation Network exclusives, and today the company announced release windows for two more PS3-only offerings, Smash Cars and PixelJunk Eden Encore.

At least Smash Cars' battery won't run out in 20 minutes.
At least Smash Cars' battery won't run out in 20 minutes.

First up, Sony announced that Smash Cars is set for a second-quarter release on the PlayStation Network. Developed by Tik Games and Creat Studios, the game will be a follow-up to the latter developers' 2003 budget PlayStation 2 game of the same name.

As in the original game, the new Smash Cars will be an arcade-style radio-controlled racing game with an emphasis on stunts. Players earn points not only by winning the race, but also by performing stunts, interacting with obstacles along the courses, swapping paint with other racers, and skillfully drifting around corners.

Sony also confirmed an April release window for PixelJunk Eden Encore. An expansion to last year's aesthetically unique platformer from Q Games, Eden Encore will include zero gravity and mirrored levels, as well as new music. Eden Encore isn't the only project on Q Games' slate at the moment. As expected, the company is working on the fourth installment to the PixelJunk series, following on from Racers, Monsters, and of course, Eden.

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