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Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets An Unusual Crossover With This Shooter RPG

Warframe's Lotus will appear alongside other characters that are colored black.


In the year since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released, it's paid tribute to many games that aren't represented with a character through its assist trophies, music, Mii costumes, and spirits. Still, even as the game expands out, it's still capable of surprising us with the games that end up getting represented. Such is the case with addition of Lotus, a character from free-to-play shooter RPG Warframe, as a Spirit.

The character's appearance was announced on the game's Japanese Twitter account, and she'll appear in a Spirit Board event from February 23 through to March 3.

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The Spirit Board event is called "Strength not Dyed! Black Spirits," and will feature characters--including Pokemon, a Bullet Bill, and Game and Watch characters--that are colored black all over. It's arguably a somewhat tone-deaf theme, considering how overwhelmingly white the game's (human) fighters are, but there you go.

Lotus will be able to supercharge at level 99, and to claim her, you'll need to fight Bayonetta as part of the Spirit Board event.

Lotus, then, is unlikely to be one of the six DLC characters still coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the Fighters Pass Volume 2.

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