Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Fighters Pyra And Mythra Release Today With Monster Hunter Mii Costumes

It's a big day for Smash fans, as Masahiro Sakurai is showing off the new DLC fighters and announcing their release date.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans have been treated to some good news, as game director Masahiro Sakurai has showcased the new combo DLC fighter, Pyra/Mytha, as part of a Mr. Sakurai Presents livestream that has now concluded. Most notably, we learned that Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 release for Smash Ultimate today, March 4, alongside a new 11.0 update. As is typically the case, there will also be new Mii Fighter costumes, including ones based on Monster Hunter. Here's a rundown on everything that Sakurai had to share during the broadcast.

New Stage: Cloud Sea of Alrest

Nintendo kicked off the broadcast by talking about the new stage, Cloud Sea of Alrest. It's set on the back of Azurda, the titan that Rex lives on. Other titans appear in the background of the stage as Azurda sails. Additionally, other characters and their blades appear in the background--Nia and Dromarch, Tora and Poppi, Morag and Brighid, and Zeke and Pandoria.

New Fighters

During the livestream, Sakurai said he considered having Rex fight alongside Pyra during development, but ultimately he decided to go anoher way.

Players can use their down special to change between Pyra/Mythra in a similar way to Shiek/Zelda. You can choose which one to start as on the fighter select screen.

Sakurai also shared that Pyra specializes in power while Mythra is best at speed. Pyra's side-smash is Flash Smash, which offers up "incredible" damage and launch power.

Mythra has Foresight, which reduces damage taken similar to Bayonetta's Bat Within.

Sakurai also spoke about how Pyra/Mythra's physical attacks are roughly the same except Mythra is faster and Pyra is stronger. Sakurai said you won't be at a disadvantage if you only stick with one fighter

Release Date

Pyra and Mythra will come to Smash Bros. Ultimate on March 4. Pyra and Mythra are part of the Fighters Pass Vol 2, or they can be purchased individually. The full Fighters Pass includes six characters and costs $30. Individual character packs have cost $6 apiece.

More Mii Fighter Costumes

Additionally Mii Fighter costumers are coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate with the new update. They will be available for 75 cents each and include the following:

  • Monster Hunter - Hunter equipment (Swordfighter)
  • Rathalos Equipment (Swordfighter)
  • Felyne (Hat)
  • Ghosts N Goblins Arthur (Swordfighter)

You can see these Mii Fighter costumes in the video below:

Pyra and Mythra hail from the RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and unlike some other similar Smash characters, Mythra isn't an Echo Fighter for Pyra. Instead, you can swap between them at will as one character. We know this will make a difference to their Final Smash move--Pyra uses Burning Sword and Mythra uses Sacred Arrow--but it's a fair bet that there will be other differences as well.

The other characters in the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 include Min Min, Minecraft Steve, and Sephiroth. Two more fighters have yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, new Smash Ultimate freebies are now available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

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