Smash Bros. Ultimate Breaks Evo Viewership Record

Everyone is here, watching a stream.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has smashed a record, knocking out a new peak viewership number for concurrent viewers at this weekend's Evo 2019 tournament. The latest Smash game closed out Evo as the main event this year for the first time, though Smash Bros. Melee has been a longtime favorite at the annual fighting game tournament.

Twitter user Rod Breslau noted the record with a screenshot, pointing out it had hit 279,000 concurrent viewers. That topples the previous record holder, Dragon Ball FighterZ, set in 2018 with more than 257,000 concurrent viewers, via Twin Galaxies. At the time that was also the all-time high, so some of this boost for Smash Bros. could show an increasing popularity for the Evo tournament.

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Smash Bros. has been a regular staple in some form since 2007, when Melee was added to the lineup. Since then Melee has remained a near-constant presence at Evo, while others like Brawl and Smash 4 have come and gone. This year Ultimate was the only Smash Bros. representation on the main schedule, as Melee was given its own side-tournament.

Most recently, Smash Bros. Ultimate issued the 4.0 update, which introduced a ton of fighter changes and the new Dragon Quest Hero character. That character, along with Joker from the Persona series and the upcoming Banjo-Kazooie character from their titular series, can be obtained individually as DLC or as a bundle with the Fighter Pass.

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