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Smart, Take-Two Settle Differences

Derek Smart and Take-Two put down their weapons; contemplate a future working relationship.


Ever since Take-Two Interactive decided to publish Battlecruiser 3000AD practically unfinished and still in beta, the game's outspoken designer Derek Smart had little good to say about the company.

On Tuesday, however, 3000AD (Smart's development house) announced that the two companies had settled their differences and that they "hope to continue to work together in the future." How exactly this will work is unknown, since Interplay will be publishing BC3K version 2 and perhaps future updates.

"Take Two Interactive responded swiftly and fairly to resolve a contractual complication that recently arose between both companies," said Derek Smart. "Ryan Brant and I have enjoyed a well-publicized relationship over the years. However, I am pleased to see the progress that he has made with Take-Two Interactive, and I believe that his recently developed theories on giving developers a significant further degree of control over their product releases, is a positive step for the industry. I firmly believe that any event that bridges the gap between publishers, developers, and their gamers, regardless of magnitude, deserves a chance to be executed. The speed at which this recent issue was resolved, coupled with Take-Two's current corporate performance, allowed me to remain open-minded in order that this matter not get out of hand."

"Derek's ongoing loyalty, devotion, and passion for his franchise is a mark which all developers should aspire to," stated Brant. "I genuinely believe that Derek will make Battlecruiser an industry powerhouse for many years to come considering the amount of work that his company has put into the franchise since its inception."

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