Smart Bomb blasting PSPs

Puzzle game from Eidos challenges players to diffuse bombs; game will feature single-player and multiplayer action.


Eidos Interactive today announced details on its PSP launch game Smart Bomb. The game is scheduled to ship alongside the North American release of Sony's handheld March 24. Smart Bomb is being developed by British game studio Core Design.

The puzzle game follows Michelle Grace, a member of the Bomb Disposal Unit, as she diffuses bombs laid by a global threat. Grace will disarm the bombs in virtual reality, unlocking various "tiers" before moving on to the next, and ultimately moving on to the detonator.

The game will feature story, arcade, challenge, and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer mode will support four players in head-to-head combat.

Official rating and pricing information were not available as of press time.

$15.30 on Walmart

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