SmackDown! vs. Raw goes gold

The first WWE title to feature online play enters the final manufacturing process, and will ship November 2 for the PS2.


WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw

THQ and Jakks Pacific today announced that WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw, the publishers' latest video game based on the World Wrestling Entertainment license, has gone gold. The game is in the final stages of the manufacturing process, and will begin shipping to retail stores across North America on November 2.

SmackDown! vs. Raw, which combines all the WWE wrestlers from both of the company's main brands, will be the first WWE title to feature online play.

The news comes just one week after the WWE sued THQ and Jakks Pacific over the video game license, alleging that the license was obtained through an elaborate bribery and racketeering scheme. With today's news, it does not seem as if the lawsuit will stop the release of WWE titles from THQ, at least not in the near future.

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