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Sludge Life Brings Graffiti, Cat Butts, And A Fart Button To Switch And Epic Store

Paint the town slimy.


Devolver Digital has announced Sludge Life for Nintendo Switch and the Epic Games Store. It's an open-world title set on a sludge-coated island that's rife with corporate branding, and it looks as grimy and goofy as you might expect. You play as Ghost, a graffiti tagger, and depending on how you play you can either rise to be a hero to the people of the island or bring the whole thing crashing down.

The trailer, below, shows off the game's unique aesthetic--note, for instance, how the cats have two butts. The game will also carry a dedicated fart button, which is good: in the wake of Untitled Goose Game, dedicated noise buttons are all the rage.

Sludge Life will have a very open structure, as you can wander through the island and complete tasks or explore at your own rate--there's an ending (in fact, there are three potential endings), but it's going for a non-linear structure. You can also get sidetracked by the game-within-a-game, Crypt Creeper, shown in the trailer.

The game's official website also shows off the game's trashbag aesthetics (which I mean as a positive).

The game is due in Spring 2020, so we won't be waiting long to get our slime on. If you're at PAX East in Boston from February 28 to March 1, the game is also playable there.

Devolver Digital also recently announced Disc Room; there's some developer crossover between the two titles.

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