Slitherine announces Legion Arena

Historical strategy game pits players against enemies of Rome and stores stats and upgrades online.


UK developer Slitherine Software announced a new online strategy game today set in ancient Rome. Players are put in control of a small Roman army, which they build up by winning battles and buying upgrades. The game will be available as a free download but will require a fee after a few weeks of play.

Legion Arena will be based out of Slitherine's Canadian offices, where dedicated servers will store information on each player's army. After each battle, the results are sent to the server, which will then dish out rewards and offer army upgrades for purchase, including new weapons and units. Slitherine will periodically release new features to players, such as the ability to play as a Celtic war band. The server will also rank all Legion Arena players across many different statistics.

Battles will take a variety of forms, including the classic "destroy everything" and "survive until reinforcements arrive" scenarios. Some missions will allow players to deploy their whole army, while others will limit the number of units that can fight. The game control focuses on macromanagement and makes unit loyalty a prominent part of the strategy. Units with more experience (and better pay) will be more loyal to the player than green recruits, and they'll be less likely to run away when things turn ugly.

Details on the look of the game are scarce, but Legion Arena uses a brand-new proprietary engine (built by Slitherine), which promises to allow fully 3D battles that feature thousands of units. GameSpot will provide more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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