Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake information slithers online

New footage for unconfirmed Sleeping Dogs DLC shows Chinese New Year theme.


Sleeping Dogs

Open-world brawler Sleeping Dogs looks set to receive a DLC pack based around the Chinese New Year, which takes place on February 10.

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Neither publisher Square Enix or developer United Front Games has officially confirmed the existence of the Year of the Snake DLC, although a brief teaser trailer and a leaked PlayStation 3 Trophy list have both surfaced online.

The four Trophies (detailed on Exophase) suggest that the pack will include defusing bombs and dealing with cultists, along with gobbling up a fleet of collectibles and other secondary mission objectives.

Square Enix has released a good chunk of Sleeping Dogs DLC since its release in August 2012, including undead-themed expansion Nightmare in North Point. Sony also announced this week that the game would also be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers for February.

Sleeping Dogs was awarded a respectable 8.0 in its GameSpot review last year, with Carolyn calling the game "a fun-filled Hong Kong getaway that will leave you with many happy memories."

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