Sleeping Dogs PC encouraged by Square Enix

Developer says work on Windows version of open-world crime game was strengthened after rights were purchased by Square Enix.


Sleeping Dogs' PC version was better received by many than its console counterparts, and its developers say much of that came from support it received from Square Enix. United Front Games told the Penny Arcade Report that Square Enix, its second publisher for the open-world crime game after Activision, pushed for a higher-quality PC version.

Don't worry, he's a loose-cannon cop (but he gets results)!
Don't worry, he's a loose-cannon cop (but he gets results)!

Sleeping Dogs was originally developed as True Crime: Hong Kong under Activision, but was canceled in February 2011. Activision planned to outsource work on the PC version, but Square Enix encouraged United Front to commit internal assets toward making the PC version shine after purchasing the rights to Sleeping Dogs in August 2011.

"When the game changed hands from Activision to Square Enix, Square was incredibly supportive of the PC version and actually wanted us to do more with it," senior producer Jeff O'Connell said. "It was at that point that we began to focus more resources on the PC version and it became what it is."

These resources were used to include a free high-definition texture pack for PC players, interface optimizations, and support for multiple monitors and stereoscopic 3D. GameSpot's review stated that "the PC version is easily the best-looking version of the game."

O'Connell said creating a quality PC version was beneficial for players as well as the team; despite the game's long development cycle, "a lot of people seeing the PC version got excited again." The PC platform is particularly relevant internationally, he said, and vocal PC gamers strongly influence the conversation surrounding a release.

Square Enix's publishing efforts have emphasized the platform in the past, also promoting the PC version of August 2011's Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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